Zachary James DuBois




I am a learning developer and system administrator who can stick to deadlines and collaborates well with a team. My freelance work gives me experience with support, running production systems and places I can improve to make my client's experience better. I currently have a high school education. However, I learned all my skills outside of school. I work best with flexible hours to fit my schedule and prefer to work from home. I prefer not wasting any of my time so I fill up my calendar as much as possible and stick to it. When something interests me, I have a desire to learn about it as much as possible.



A company that I run that offers freelance development services from me. I maintain all servers, systems, software, related services, and websites for my clients.

  • Hired by 7 Figure Advisor, LLC


04/2016 - Present


A company that runs several various services related to software development, solutions and games. Originally planned in September of 2011 but now becoming a reality.

  • Initial business model planning completed.
  • R&D of first SaaS platform to be offered.


Rush-Henrietta CSD

09/2015 - Present

Working on several different solutions to fix current issues in the high school.

  • Made Digital Footprint Profile to help students analyze they social media accounts. Continuously providing support since graduating.

Watchtower Bot

04/2015 - Present
Project Lead, Lead Developer

An open source, automatic abuse bot that handles various IRC spam and abuse based on a rule system and handles the issues automatically.

  • Initial planning and system architecture finished.

HFL Robotics

01/2016 - Present
Developer, Head of Collaboration

HFL robotics is a FRC (FIRST Robotics Competition) robotics team run by Honeoye Falls - Lima high school. I was recommended to join a long time ago but only recently committed to joining and working on the team. Meeting six days a week and a constant backlog of tasks makes keeping everyone collaborating efficiently a fun and challenging task.

  • Created an command line tool to scrape The Blue Alliance for match and team information.
  • Created team management system, codename 'Rooster', that helps the team work better as a whole.
  • Now mentoring for the new members of the team.
  • Teen Police Academy Class 5
  • Tobacco Compliance Checks (2x)


Rush-Henrietta SHS

09/2013 - 06/2016

High School Technology, Math, and Science

  • AP Physics
  • Algebra I & II
  • Trigonometry
  • AP Literature and Comprehension
  • AP Mirco & Macro Economics
  • AP Government & Politics