Brett Hardin


Brett Hardin is a developer, author, and speaker on security topics. Brett began programming at the age of 8 and has always been fascinated with technology.

Work Experience

January 2013 – Present
Senior Software Engineer
Developed customer-driven products and user-requested features.
  • Worked closely with design, product management, sales, and customer success to build feature sets that benefit out target customers.
  • Responsible for orienting new developers to the Kissmetrics engineering culture.
  • Setup and configured strategy and tooling for continual integration, testing, and deployement.
  • Moved the organization to Slack. Although many thought this would be a hard move, I was able to accomplish it in one day.
  • Moved the engineering team from bazaar to git in my personal time.
August 2011 – January 2013
  • Successfully fundraised seed round investment comprised of angel investors and venture capital.
  • Acquired by Kissmetrics
June 2010 – August 2011
Security Strategist
Design, implement, and enforce security strategies within the PGP group.
  • Identified and fixed several high-risk vulnerabilities in PGP products.
  • Developed processes to decrease time to resolve security vulnerabilities.
  • Designed security strategy for integrating security into the development process.
  • Implemented several development strategies to increase code quality.
  • Advised upper management on the impact of vulnerabilities identified internally and externally.
  • Worked with support to answer security questions being asked by customers.
July 2007 – September 2009
Security Research Lead
Design, implement, and enforce security strategies within the PGP group.
  • Oversight of the McAfee SECURE web application scanner.
  • Identified key areas that the development team could improve to increase efficiency and vulnerability detection.
  • Writing and QA of customer-facing content explaining vulnerabilities.
  • Programming and QA of web application scanner modules.


Santa Clara 95051
(408) 685-1569


  • 2001 2005

    California State University at Chico


    Computer Science


Ruby Ruby on Rails Javascript React HTML CSS
Front End Technologies
React D3 Sass Bootstrap HTML CSS
Continual Integration
Jenkins TravisCI
Rspec Mocha Chai
MySQL Redis Postgres
Information Security
Penetration Testing Application Security Vulnerability Assessment PCI-DSS Encryption OWASP


Systems and methods for automating blind detection of computational vulnerabilities.
System and method of web application discovery via capture and analysis of HTTP requests for external resources
Method and system for detection of remote file inclusion vulnerabilities
Hacking: The Next Generation


  • EnglishNative speaker


Netrunner Puerto Rico Acquire
Video Games
DOTA Fallout
Avid Reader


Brett is great fun to work with. He is technically very solid but has an A+ attitude to work. Brett has a very strong understanding of security and is a real asset to any team. He has a great attitude and is able to put any personalities and politics aside to get the job done. He has a can-do attitude which I really appreciate. I enjoyed working with Brett and would do so again given the opportunity.

Brett is one of the most creative, passionate people I know. He has a deep understanding of both network and application level security concepts, as well as a solid business savvy which allows him to effectively communicate complex security to all levels of an organizations leadership chain. Brett currently works on a high profile security product, pushing the technical limits of the product and innovating security for the masses, while simultaneously advancing the business value of the product and the reputation of the organization. Brett is an ideal candidate for positions involving highly technical skills and advanced technical skill sets, or technical advisory to the most senior business executives. I would gladly be a part of any team Brett is working on and he will bring value to every organization which employs him.