Erik Ringsmuth

240 East 5th Street, Saint Paul, Minnesota, US MN 55101

[email protected]
(320) 267-8115

Full stack developer and open source enthusiast working at the bleeding edge of technology. I write front-end applications with Polymer, Angular, and Ractive. I use Java, Node, and C# to write the REST services that power my applications. I also have a strong love for search, security, and dev-ops. Not only do I code, I design code.

  Work Experience

Software Development Engineer ( 2015 - Present )

@Amazon Web Services

I work on the EC2 Deployments team. We build the software that deploys code to the servers that run EC2.

Sr. Software Engineer ( 2011 - 2015 )

@Thomson Reuters

My mosts recent team was building TR's internal elasticsearch PaaS. We built a number of custom elasticsearch plugins. Our work is a mix of development and operations. I also do web development using JavaScript, Java, and C#. I’ve gained a wide range of experience working on products like Westlaw, WestlawNext, and Westlaw Analytics. I write and leverage many of our REST services.

  • Driving our new elasticsearch PaaS.
  • Writing custom security, monitoring, alerting, and logging elasticsearch plugins.
  • Led tech development on our project to create customizable home pages on WestlawNext.
  • Designed and wrote our new Account Preferences REST service which provides ACL based resources.
  • I wrote the UI for Westlaw Analytics. Firms use this to analyze their usage and spending on products like WestlawNext. We wrote the UI using Backbone and Require.js. We used Raphael.js to create graphs that beautifully summarize data.
  • Helped increase the use of dependency injection in the Document module for better unit testing.
  • Designed the Report module’s presentation, business, and data layers.
  • Additions to the Static Content module including the use of Require.js, Backbone.js, History.js, Sinon.js, etc.
  • Promoted to Sr. Software Engineer in December 2012.

Computer Support Technician ( 2007 - 2011 )

@Great River Regional Library

The main part of my job was to support and maintain the library's software, computers, printers, and network equipment. I did telephone and customer support for our 32 branch libraries.

  • Setting up servers for deploying Microsoft and 3rd party updates. I managed two servers for packaging and deploying software.
  • Configure, maintain, and deploy Windows XP and Windows 7 operating system images that we used on all of our staff and public computers.
  • Write scripts to install software, edit registry settings, manage user accounts, add printers, configure network settings, etc.
  • Create documentation for our software and equipment which was used by the library’s staff and patrons.


St. Cloud State University

Computer Science, Bachelor

2004 - 2010



Node Express Polymer Angular Ractive Backbone RequireJS Underscore jQuery Handlebars Mocha Jasmine QUnit Sinon JSHint Gulp Bower NPM




TLS/SSL OAuth 2.0 OpenID Connect Basic Authentication Digest Authentication


REST JSON suri.io


HTML5 CSS3 Web Components Bootstrap


Java 8 Guice Guava Spring JUnit Mockito Hamcrest MyBatis


.NET MVC Linq Unity Moq



  • Mountain Biking
  • Freestyle Skiing