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Moshe Kolodny

Software Engineer

  • Phone
  • (347) 218-2051

I am a Software Engineer with a strong focus on JavaScript. I also have experience with PHP and python. I enjoy working on new frameworks and libraries on my own time and have a fairly active Github profile to show for it. I particularly enjoy "reinventing the wheel" to get an understanding of the challenges that certain technologies face and how to overcome those issues.

Work Experience

July 2014 - present

Front End Engineer at Integral Ad Science:

Created Backbone + Marionette view to change the rendering of itself and other views based on business logic

Maintained and created code that runs alongside ads to measure visability

Maintained and created code that displays reports on how well ads performed

Aug 2012 - July 2014

Web Engineer at RustyBrick:

Created a ReactJs app to debug Webhooks, and enable realtime chat with

Created a Proof Of Concept shopping list application using Angular

Created car service dispatch applications using NodeJS and PhoneGap, leveraging Google Maps using Google Maps API to determine optimal availability

Created an application to seamlessly integrate an in-house mailing system with MailChimp using PHP, jQuery/jQueryUI and Webhooks

Developed a slideshow application with customizable transitions and content including an API for retrieval from a database

Developed a survey application with reporting and distribution using Python and Tornado Framework


2008 - 2010

Mentor at Our Place

Our Place provides troubled youth with a second chance; an opportunity to serve as a source of everlasting pride to their family and community


CUNY - Brooklyn College

Information Technology GPA - 3.8 (Dean's List)


Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, React, Angular, Backbone,, jQuery

Back End: Node/iojs,, Express, Koa, PHP, Python


Music, Chess, Ping Pong, Pool