Nate Clark

Nate Clark

Full-stack Javascript Jedi / Nate of All Trades

Akron, Ohio, US




A full-stack engineer developer/mentor with more than 13 years experience building scalable web applications and a passion for learning.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Co-Founder / CTO / Lead DeveloperSimple City

    Jun, 2017 - Present

    Built a modern event managment system to streamline volunteer placement that is actively used by several pro sports venues including FirstEnergy Stadium, Paul Brown Stadium, and Quicken Loans Arena

    • From UI to DB. Implemented entire AWS stack solution hosting an enterprise level application

    • Harnessed the opportunity to leverage all the automation and code quality tools of my choosing

    • Static React/Apollo driven frontend hosted via CloudFront cdn

    • Learned and implemented GraphQL queries, mutations and deployed on AWS ECS

    • Docker all the things. Local dev, dev env, and prod all leverage the same docker containers

    • Implemented entire CI/CD pipeline with blue/green deployments

  • Co-Founder / CTO / Lead DeveloperSilverback Insights

    Apr, 2017 - Present

    Built an ecommerce analytics platform to consume third party data and provide simplistic insights

    • Took an idea and implemented a full AWS stack solution

    • Harnessed the opportunity to leverage all the automation and code quality tools of my choosing

    • Integrated with third party api (Shopify) to build out a continuous data pipeline

    • Worked purely for equity

  • Full-stack Engineer / Remote worker, Self-employed, freelance work

    Jan, 2017 - Apr, 20173 months

    Worked with seed investor to convert an original idea into a functioning online application

    • Lead a small, but extremely competent team to wrangle product ideas into real requirements

    • Learned how to best communicate with the product team to manage expectations

  • Senior Software Engineer / Remote workerWaldo Photos

    Dec, 2016 - Jan, 20171 month

    Built out an ecommerce product with bleeding edge tools and frameworks

    • Generated production ready ecommerce platform from mocked designs in a fast paced environment

    • Built with ♥ using React on a NodeJs backend and bundled up with webpack and docker

    • Converted designer's dreams into a great UX

    • Leveraged cloud based, continuous integration to maintain code quality

  • Full-stack Developer / Team Lead / Remote workerTwin Technologies

    Apr, 2016 - Oct, 20166 months

    Responsible for a contractor team, leading the development of multiple React / NodeJs driven applications and services.

    • Worked directly with Under Armour development teams on their ecommerce site, underarmour.com

    • Contributed to a vast Javascript ecosystem and actively deployed changes to production through CI/CD pipepline

    • In addition to task work, also performed code reviews and assisted team with architecture decisions

    • Implemented Slack bots to automate status and pull request reports

    • Helped bring existing ecommerce site into WCAG / ADA compliance

    • Contributed to Apple Pay integration project

    • Gained familiarity with React patterns and practices on an already very familiar understanding of client/server js

    • Fully committed to remote work and the communication surrounding that environment

  • UX Architect & Javascript Player-CoachIgnitionOne

    Oct, 2010 - Apr, 20165 years 6 months

    Responsible for several micro teams, leading the development of multiple Angular / NodeJs driven applications.

    • Strong background in Javascript using the following frameworks AngularJs, NodeJs, ExpressJs, Bootstrap

    • Implemented the conversion of legacy applications to Angular driven SPA

    • Conducted several Angular and NodeJs bootcamps for junior developers. Prefer to show others how rather than telling them to figure it out.

    • Provided boilerplate Node.Js project that stood as the foundation for all new development

    • Introduced html and css precompilers to improve both quality and remove bloat

    • Wrapped development build process and deploys into a pretty little bow with Grunt/Gulp

    • Responsible for rapid proof of concept and prototyping of mocks for Product evaluation

    • DRY code evangelist

    • Directed a geographically dispersed team of web developers

    • Advocate micro service architecture. Do one thing simply and efficiently

    • Participate in upfront design meetings: brainstorming, gathering requirements, white-boarding

    • Interface with graphic designers and developers to streamline work and ensure delivery of design vision

    • Establish design and usability patterns for team

    • Address usability concerns early on in SDLC

    • Led the charge (and won the war) for the strict support of evergreen browsers only

    • Successfully delivered 3 core application redesigns with micro teams and equivalently small timelines

  • Software Engineer I-IIIOEConnection

    Sep, 2008 - Oct, 20102 years 1 month

    C#, ASP.Net web developer driving UI refresh of fordparts.com

    • Manage proxy between services and front end

    • Provide asynchronous means of data refreshing

    • Core contributor to fordparts.com

    • Implemented several third party jQuery plugins to achieve a modern interface

  • Database DeveloperOEConnection

    Jul, 2006 - Sep, 20082 years 2 months

    Database development including scripting, stored procedure generation, data structure creation and optimization.

    • Optimizing/creating the CRUD procedures for service developers

    • Providing a tsql style guide and enforced the use of it

    • Introduced patterns and practices that saved DBAs time and effort during deployments

  • VB.Net and MSSQL DeveloperHealthcare Consulting Benefits Review

    Sep, 2004 - Jul, 20061 year 10 months

    Small insurance consulting company DBA and WinForms developer.

    • Responsible for audit platform that lead to the company being purchased by Xerox in 2006

    • Data-mined and queried large data sets to find financial loss patterns

    • Coupled database work with a WinForm application to visually display points of interest

    • Integrated SSRS (SQL Server Reporting Services)



  • Team Technical Leadership
    AgileSCRUMStandupsAssumes positive intentBe hungryBe humble
  • NodeJs
  • React
    Pure componentsReact routerReduxJestw/Apollo
  • GraphQL
  • Leveraging PaaS/SaaS
  • Dev/Build Tools
    BabelYarnNpm scriptsGulpPrettier
  • HTML5 / UX / UI
  • Databases
  • OS Familiarity
    MacOS/*nixWindowsBash scripting


  • Computer Science, Bachelor's, Ohio Northern University

    Sep, 1999 - May, 2004



  • Public Repositories , Github

    Published on: Jul 31, 2012

    Tinkering and open source forks

  • eslint-config-n8io , NPM

    Published on: Oct 20, 2016

    An opinionated eslint configuration for backend and frontend development

  • tractor-pulls , NPM

    Published on: Oct 11, 2016

    A node app built to pull the open PRs for a given team (GitHub org).

  • fantasydata-api , NPM

    Published on: Aug 01, 2014

    A clean and complete nodejs wrapper for the FantasyData.com api

  • Public Gists , Github

    Published on: Jul 31, 2012

    Safe keeping for important, but seldomly used scripts



  • Teaching others

    Coding patternsJavascript frameworksReactApolloGraphQLNodeJs
  • Contributing to open source projects

    ChanceJsFantasyData APIGithub
  • What is Nate learning right now?

    ReactAWS & AWS LambdaGraphQL hosted on LambdaTDD
  • Bleeding edge tech and tech gear

    Raspberry PiAndroidGoogle FanboyHome automation