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Lifelong technology enthusiast who enjoys building things and working in the technology industry as a software/devops/data engineer.


Cameron Wilby

Software Engineer

Contract work for both local and online clients.


  • Built software both individually and as part of remote teams
  • Worked in several different languages/frameworks

Origin Code Academy 2015-09-21 — 2017-03-08

Lead Instructor

A twelve week program to increase student knowledge of programming and software engineering.


  • Designed and implemented curriculum for a 12 week course delivering daily workshops, mentoring, and career counseling toward full-stack web development roles.
  • Helped more than 100 students with their transition into a fulfilling career in software development, achieving a placement rate of 90%.
  • Taught HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, followed by C# and ASP.NET, SQL Server and Entity Framework - along with various JavaScript libraries/frameworks such as KnockoutJS, AngularJS, React and Vue.
  • Built tools to automate areas of the business, including a CMS tool to track placement and student progress built using an ASP.NET stack, and several smaller web apps using Node.js and Express for various areas of the business including grading tools and motivation systems.

TITLE XI Software Solutions, Inc 2012-08-10 — 2014-01-10

Full Stack Developer

Development and maintenance of a full stack enterprise web application that provides bankruptcy case management for U.S. trustees.


  • Contributed to team development and maintenance of a complex single page application that provides case management for trustees overseeing bankruptcy cases in the US.
  • Worked with C#, ASP.NET, SQL Server, KnockoutJS and various open source libraries and tools.
  • Agile approach to development using Scrum as a guiding framework.

Design West Engineering 2014-01-24 — 2015-09-21

Software Developer

Built and maintained a CRM web application for an engineering firm in San Bernadino, CA. Architected an ASP.NET MVC 4.0 solution with KnockoutJS used for front end user interaction, with SQL Server as the main data source.


  • Gathered requirements from the client and communicated progress using the Scrum framework.
  • Architected a greenfield software solution and successfully delivered to the client.
  • Managed a Microsoft production environment, automated deploys using Microsoft Web Deploy.

Seed Software 2012-09-09 — 2013-04-30

Intern Software Developer

Joined an internship program offered as part of the University of Hull's curriculum. I joined a team of other students to implement the faculty processes for final year projects on the Universitys Sharepoint instance.


  • Worked as an intern during the final year of a 4 year ME/MEng program.
  • Contributed to team development of a final year project choice system for the University using Microsoft Sharepoint.
  • Worked using agile processes like SCRUM, automated testing, and behavior driven development.

Fundamental JS 2016-12-20 — 2017-03-08


On the 4th Wednesday of every month, Fundamental JS meets to learn about one element or building block of Javascript. We talk about the concept and learn by doing on our laptops.


  • Give talks to audiences of ~50 people once a month revolving around fundamental JavaScript topics.

University of Hull 2009-09-10 — 2013-06-06

Computer Software Development


  • 08227 - Advanced Programming
  • 08981 - Component Based Architecture
  • 08346 - Distributed Systems Programming
  • 08348 - Languages and their Compilers
  • 08309 - Mobile Devices and Applications
  • 08246 - Network and Web Technologies
  • 08242 - Database Technologies
  • 08101 - Programming 1/2
  • 08125 - Quantitative Methods for Computing
  • 08985 - Trustworthy Network and Computing Security

Web Development

  • Progressive Web Apps
  • Frameworks (Angular / React / Vue)
  • Styling (CSS Frameworks)

Software Engineering

  • Testing (Unit/E2E/Perf/UX)
  • Agile (Trello/Jira/Confluence)
  • Scalability (Cloud Distribution)