Agustin Rumayor

Agustin Rumayor

IT Entrepreneur/Consultant




Data Engineer and Software Architect (and developer), Start-up consultant applying 15 years of experience in web development.
My professional mission is to bring software technologies to users in a scalable and efficient way.
Interested in designing products, libraries, APIs driven by needs.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • CTO

    Nov, 2017 - Present

    • Building scalable platforms

    • Software architecture

    • Data engineering Consulting

    • API Gateway

    • Real-time notifications

    • Queues architectures

    • ETLs

  • Data specialist

    Feb, 2022 - Jul, 20231 year 5 months

    I was primarily responsible for making critical data architecture decisions, which involved retrieving data from multiple software APIs, designing and implementing ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) processes to store and manage the data efficiently. Additionally, I played a key role in ensuring that this data was readily available to kickstart machine learning initiatives and create insightful visualizations.

    • APIs

    • Data engineering

    • Software architecture

  • Associate Professor

    Jan, 2016 - Jan, 20171 year

    Software Development Tools

    • APIs

  • Professor

    Aug, 2011 - Dec, 20132 years 4 months

    Teaching: Databases|Servers|Web Development

    • Linux

    • Databases

    • APIs

  • Developer

    Feb, 2010 - Aug, 20111 year 6 months

    In charge of multilingual for the Gensuite project

    • APIs

Projects Experience

Projects Experience

  • Rewards Codes

    Jun, 2018 - Present

    Loyalty program platform

    • Loyalty program made with simple but powerful technologies

  • 3de space

    Aug, 2019 - Present

    3d printing platform

    • 3d prints automation

  • TagTag Pet

    Nov, 2020 - Present

    Pets tag manufacture automation

    • 3d prints automation

  • Firmadora digital

    Nov, 2020 - Present

    Digital sign platform



  • MongoDB
  • Cassandra
  • Neo4j
  • Docker/K8s
  • Redis
  • CI/CD
  • SQL
  • PHP
  • Python
  • Linux
  • Data Engineering
  • Kanban


  • Computer Software Engineering, Master's degree, CIMAT

    Dec, 2012 - Dec, 2014

  • Information Technology, Bachelor's degree, ITESM

    Dec, 2005 - Dec, 2009



  • Intro to IA Statement of Accomplishment , Sebastian Thrun Ph. D., Peter Norvig Ph. D.

    Awarded on: Dec 31, 2011

    First course from Sebastian Thrun/Peter Norvig piloting an experiment for remote learning

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Supporter, The Venus Project

    Aug, 2011 - Present

    RBE supporter through The Venus Project

  • Organizer, Startup Weekend

    Sep, 2012 - Nov, 2015

    Startup Weekend Zacatecas Organizer

  • Co-Founder, Rewards Codes

    Jun, 2020 - Present

    Loyalty program platform for small business

    • APIs

    • Product Vision

    • Software architecture



  • A loyalty program based on Waves blockchain and mobile phone interactions, The 3rd Symposium on Distributed Ledger Technology

    Published on: Nov 01, 2018

    Loyalty cards programs have been used by retailers to increase customer retention. Loyality cards provide means to identify a particular customer and to collect customer specific data, thus enabling individualized marketing; however, operating a loyalty program is complicated for retailers since they require to manage balances, collections, and transfers of customers. Moreover, customers may forget or even deliberately decide to not use their cards mainly because it is uncomfortable carrying a physical card.

  • Modelando datos jerárquicos en bases de datos NoSQL, Tesis Cimat 2014

    Published on: Jul 31, 2014

    Al tratar de ingresar al movimiento NoSQL, existen diversas formas de modelar la información, lo que lo convierte en un proceso lento y, al elegir entre diversas tecnologías para administrar los datos, puede llegar a ser improductivo sino se tienen claras las características requeridas para el manejo de la información. En esta investigación se implementan seis modelos dentro del ambiente NoSQL (Orientado a documentos, orientado
    a columnas, clave­valor, grafos, orientado a objetos y multimodelo), y se evalúa el
    desempeño al abordar un desafío común: el modelado y administración de datos jerárquicos.



  • 3d printing

  • Permaculture

  • Blockchain

  • Teaching

    nosqlfull-stack development
  • Lean startup

    entrepreneurshipconsultingteam leadership