Fullstack enterprise software engineer working primarily within the .NET ecosystem alongside modern web development with Angular, React, and Vue. I'm an avid open source developer, contributing to .NET Core libraries and tools within the OSS community and frequently work on my own open source projects available to the general public outside the realm of .NET including Go, TypeScript, and Rust. Software development is my passion and I enjoy the challenge it brings each and everyday. When I'm not hacking away on the command line, you'll most likely find me spending time with family and friends, writing about technology on my blog, or browsing around GitHub in search of new projects to work on.


Programming & scripting languages

  • C#
  • Java
  • Rust
  • Go
  • Javascript
  • Typescript
  • Python
  • PowerShell
  • Bash

DevOps, databases & infrastructure

  • AWS
  • Azure
  • Jenkins
  • Terraform
  • SQL Server
  • DB2
  • Postgres
  • T-SQL
  • PL/SQL

Libraries & frameworks

  • .NET
  • Spring
  • Angular
  • Vue
  • React
  • axum
  • go-kit
  • nestjs
  • nextjs

Work Experience (5)


National Funding is a San Diego-based financial institution specializing in small business loans for for business owners nationwide. At National Funding, we develop .NET-based microservices and AWS infrastructure to automate the business loan process, providing a seamless technology experience for clients.

  • Developing .NET-based microservices supporting financial operations and line-of-business applications

  • Managing CI/CD pipelines and automated processes with AWS, Terraform, and Jenkins

  • Maintaining Terraform deployment plans to multiple environments for a fleet of .NET microservices

  • Configuring various AWS services with infrastructure as code using Terraform and HCL

  • Troubleshooting applications errors using log aggregation services with OpenSearch and Kibana

  • Integrating third party APIs into backend systems to increase customer lending conversion by 50%

  • Interviewing candidates for frontend and backend software engineering roles available within the company


MediKeeper provides SaaS-based corporate health and wellness for companies across the globe primarily used by enterprise administrative teams and organizations across many different industries. MediKeeper is heavily invested in the Microsoft stack with .NET-based services and applications deployed to Azure with infrastructure in SQL Server.

  • Developed SaaS-based health and wellness platform used by enterprise clients nationwide

  • Wrote, debugged, and tested .NET and Vue applications integrated into a custom CMS software

  • Managed CI/CD pipelines and automated processes with Azure

  • Administered SQL Server and Oracle databases in various environments

  • Coordinated with legacy software teams to migrate sunset applications to modern .NET and Vue

  • Mentored and trained developers on engineering best practices and processes across the technology stack

  • Interviewed candidates for software engineering roles available within the company


Sierra Pacific Windows is part of Sierra Pacific Industries, the largest millwork producer and the second largest lumber company in the U.S. Sierra Pacific Industries, and produces high quality products installed in over 30 countries world wide, with a focus on residential and commercial properties in the United States.

  • Developed internal applications using modern RPG ILE for use on the IBM iSeries AS/400 and VB.NET for desktop applications

  • Optimized SQL queries and commands to increase manufacturing proficiency for embedded systems

  • Maintained legacy codebases concerning order and manufacturing processing

  • Performed system administration tasks on the IBM iSeries AS/400 to maintain environmental integrity and system up-time

  • Administered database development operations with DB2 and SQL Server interfacing with IBM and .NET applications

  • Ad hoc querying and report generation with SQL Server Management Studio, Visual Studio, and RDi


Vision Service Plan (VSP) is a company founded by vision care professionals with the primary goal of servicing patients with unmatched quality and service, both in person and through technological innovation.

  • Developed Java-based APIs and Angular frontend applications for nationwide use by optometry offices and retailers

  • Integrated codebases with Spring and Spring Boot backed by SQL Server and DB2 databases

  • Lead development of a mission critical enterprise web application rewrite using Angular with TypeScript

  • Deployed applications to Windows and RHEL servers with AWS using automated CI/CD pipelines with Jenkins

  • Provisioned and managed a fleet of Windows and Linux servers using RDCM, Chef, and VMware

  • Coordinated with multiple domain teams to develop and design contracts between applications, systems, and software services

  • Assisted with schema and table maintenance of IBM DB2 and SQL Server instances and query optimization in application code


Engility, now SAIC, provides services to the United States federal government in the form of systems engineering and enterprise modernization, specializing in contractor services supplied to all branches of military.

  • Provided contractor support for SPAWAR 1.0 Finance Division in the form of data analysis and systems engineering

  • Wrote and maintained VBA and R codebases to perform data analysis and spreadsheet specific functionality

  • Performed regression analysis and statistical programming using R with classified financial datasets

  • Extensively used Excel and RStudio for data reporting and high level graphical analysis and exploration

  • Maintained an databases of financial data and provided ad hoc SQL reporting for various projects

  • Coordinated ETL efforts and data normalization between engineering and financial teams

Education (1)

Bachelor of Science,
San Diego State University
2013 - 2016