Roland Couture

I make computers do stuff, put data in its place, and save people money and effort.


General Applications
C#, VB.NET, .NET Framework, .NET Core, VBA, MS Office Fluent interface (XML), WPF/XAML, Active Directory
Design Automation (Autodesk platforms)
AutoCAD API for .NET, AutoLISP, Revit API for .NET, Revit DB Link, Dynamo
Databases & ORMs
SQL Server / SSMS, T-SQL, Entity Framework 6, Entity Framework Core, MS Access, ADO.NET, LiteDB, MongoDB, Quick Base, QuNect, PostgreSQL / pgAdmin
Azure App Service, Azure SQL Database, Azure AD / MSAL, Azure Storage / Queues, Azure WebJobs
Web: Server Side
ASP.NET MVC 5, WebAPI 2, ASP.NET Core, REST services, AutoMapper
Web: Client Side
HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, Razor, AJAX, JSON, XML, Bootstrap, jQuery DataTables
Visual Studio, Team Foundation → VSTS → Azure DevOps, Sandcastle, Git / GitHub, Visual Studio unit test framework
Windows CMD, PowerShell, bash
Ancient History and Brief Exposures
Fortran, BASIC, Pascal, C/C++, BSD Unix (SunOS), Ubuntu, Python


Jacobs Engineering Group

Software Developer Jul 2019 - Present

Automation, UI and data management for multi-disciplinary engineering design teams.

  • wrote an app to audit Revit data, transform and synchronize to a Quick Base back end
  • drove standardization by producing data validation reports and iterating with discipline teams
  • created an authenticated web app (Azure App Service) to handle help tickets
  • heavily customized Excel and Outlook including custom macros, ribbon panels and right-click menus
  • helped where possible to promote a collaborative team environment and a DevOps work mode

Access Sciences Corporation

Software Developer Mar 2016 - Apr 2019

I built CAD, BIM, database and web applications to support a document management team.

  • Rebuilt and optimized legacy suite of productivity tools for the Autodesk AutoCAD platform
  • Designed a data model and database schema to capture business rules and data relations
  • Developed an AutoCAD metadata extraction process to index a library of ~50,000 AutoCAD drawings
  • Built an ASP.NET web app to automate the process of requesting drawings and BIM models

Access Sciences Corporation

CAD/BIM Technician Feb 2013 - Mar 2016
  • Automated repetitive tasks in AutoCAD using custom macros and AutoLISP scripts
  • Naïvely implemented what I later referred to self-deprecatingly as "baby’s first relational database" in Excel with VBA


Cornell University

- Aug 2006
Bachelor of Science - Civil & Structural Engineering


biking, hiking, karaoke, trashy true-crime TV, playing music