A 19 year old aspiring developer from London, UK. Interested and involved in a wide range of diciplines, from event management and technical AV as a day job, to community moderation and management as a volunteer.


Royal Holloway Students Union 2019-10-01 —

Tech and Events

Maintaining and operating the sound and lighting equiptment at the Royal Holloway SU, across the two nightclub venues.


  • Experience and proficiency with Chamsys, JANDS Vista, Avolites, and ETC Nomad Lighting Control Software
  • Ensuring the equiptment and 1000+ capacity venues are following health and safety requirements and venue regulation

Royal Holloway Computing Society 2020-07-01 —

Events Officer

Volunteering to help organise and run events safely, especially with COVID-19 compliance, at Royal Holloway, for the Computing Society.


  • Organising Royal Hackaway

Discord Moderator Academy 2020-08-05 —

Contributing Editor, Consultant

Working with Discord staff and over 20 contributors to proofread community-written articles for DMA, a resource for volunteer community moderators


  • Contributed to the editing and organization of a large writing project to aid the creation of online resources—the Discord Moderator Academy—for users and moderators of the platform
  • Collaborated with key Discord staff to coordinate writing and editing efforts
  • Developed a style guide for future articles to aid editing process

GitHub 2020-11-06 —

Campus Expert

As part of the GitHub Campus Expert communtiy, I help organise events across campus with CompSoc, grow my leadership skills, and collaborate with a wide network of other Campus Experts


  • Organising Hackaway v4
  • Improving my own community management skills and helping others

Discord 2018-09-12 —

Volunteer Community Moderator

Working with various employee teams at Discord to help moderate their official communities and platforms.


  • Moderating the community subreddit
  • Helping moderate pop-up event servers for charity drives, often reaching 10s of thousands of users within hours

Royal Holloway University of London 2019-09-20 — 2022-06-30

Bachelor [First]

Harvard CS50

Awarded 2020-07-16
by Harvard Univeristy
Completed the CS50x, with 9 problem sets and 1 final task at

Software and Technical

  • General proficiency with a range of systems and software
  • Experience in web hosting on Linux, and using AWS services
  • 7+ years of experience in Python
  • Additionally proficient in SQL, LaTeX, C, and Python scientific modules

Web Development

  • Python using Flask/Django Backend
  • JS using React.js
  • CI/CD with GitHub

Community Moderation

  • 4+ years moderating online communities
  • Experience with a range of platforms and communities

Technical Theatre

  • Experience in theatre and music venues
  • Hands-on experience with rigging, maintainance, and production
  • Proficient with a range of lighting and sound control systems
Native speaker