Alex Gleason

Alex Gleason

Full-stack Web Developer

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, US
(832) 458-1225




Alex is from Houston, TX and now lives in Philadelphia on a journey to improve software, build communes, and liberate non-human animals. He has been involved in software development from a young age, first building an online community for his friends at middle-school, and then moving onto web development freelancing, agency work, open-source software contributions, and social justice activism. Alex is a talented full stack developer, artist, and writer who learns by setting goals, doing intensive research, and diving straight in to chisel through until its completion. Everything he's learned has been picked up unintentionally along the way, or sought out tangentially to satiate his curiousity.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Full-stack DeveloperCandlewaster Web Collective

    Aug, 2016 - Present

    Collaborating with digital agencies in the Philadelphia area and around the world to deliver feature-rich content managed websites built with modern web technologies and a touch of magic.

  • Full-stack DeveloperTorchbox

    Nov, 2015 - Aug, 20169 months

    Developed feature-rich content managed websites from the ground up in HTML/CSS/JS and Python using Wagtail CMS. Torchbox is a tech-focused digital agency in the UK who works exclusively for non-profits.

    • Relocated to Philadelphia to pioneer a US presence for this UK-based company.

    • Became proficient with Django, Wagtail, and Python.

    • Contributed numerous open-source improvements to Wagtail CMS.

    • Exposure to unit testing and continuous integration.

  • Front-end DeveloperPennebaker

    May, 2014 - Nov, 20151 year 5 months

    Investigated client needs to develop and deploy content managed websites. Pennebaker is a Houston, TX-based digital marketing agency and design studio with a focus on effective communication and impeccable design.

    • Familiarization of design principles through militant enforcement of pixel-perfectness.

    • Gained a deep respect for logical design patterns (reproduceability), well-structured content, ease of use for the client, and legible code.

    • Learned to use advanced technical tools tools such as ExpressionEngine, Craft CMS, Vagrant, and Grunt/Gulp.

    • Improved communication between designers, project managers, and clients to create cohesive products.

  • Web Developer, Freelance

    Jan, 2009 - Aug, 20156 years 7 months

    Networked with local Houston, TX small businesses to assess their online presence and develop content managed websites, create HTML emails, and add them to listings on Google and Yelp.

    • Established client relationships with a variety of different businesses and addressed their varying needs.

    • Learned sales and negotiation skills as well as managing client expectations and organizing business structure.

    • Deep familiarization with WordPress, HTML, CSS, and web hosting.

    • Trained a longtime friend to work alongside me as a freelance developer.



  • Front-end Development
  • Programming
    PythonNodePHPDjangoexpress.jsWagtail CMSCraft CMSExpressionEngineWordPressElectronJavaAndroidValaGTK+Linux desktop
  • System Administration
    LinuxBashgitDockerVagrantFabricHeroku / DokkuDebian packagingDeployment
Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Developer, Open-source contributions

    Jan, 2014 - Present

    Avid contributor to open-source projects in a wide variety of languages and technologies.

    • Impressive GitHub commit graph.

  • Member, DxE Tech Working Group

    Jan, 2016 - Present

    Build, procure, and advise on software tools that help animal liberation activists be more effective.

    • Broke up a giant monolithic git repository into approximately 20 individual containerized apps.

    • Converted server to accept deployments with git using Dokku (a self-hosted Heroku clone).

    • Implemented a decoupled web app and API.

    • Provided consultation and helped make decisions.