Consultant - Android Application Development Specialties: * Android Development (Hybrid, Native [Mobile/Phablet/Tablet], TV) * Server Side Scripting Language (PHP - ZendFramework/Symfony, JSP) * Database Management System (MySQL, Oracle, SQLite - Android) * Version Control System (SVN, Git [Github, Bitbucket, Stash]) * Project Management/Collaboration (Trac, Bugzilla, JIRA, Trello) * Crash reporting platform (Crashlytics, Bugsense) * Build server (Jenkins, Travis CI) * IDE/Tools (Android Studio (IntelliJ IDEA), ADT, Eclipse, Aptana, Netbeans) * Unix/Linux OS Management

Yahoo! 2009-01-01 — 2009-04-30

Software Engineer

Worked at Yahoo! Canada Division

Quickplay 2015-02-01 —

Sr. Android Developer

Working with R&D android development team for upcoming products. Some of the key responsibility includes: * Refactor and enhance existing library features, provide better solution where necessary. * Provide and update documentation with each release. * Build and maintain sample android application to showcase supported features. * Write unit tests, review peer-code and provide input if applicable.

QuickPlay Media 2014-05-01 — 2014-11-01

Sr. Android Developer | Team Lead

Develop and maintain cutting edge media application using QuickPlay's leading solution for content delivery and consumption. Key responsibilities & achievements: * Managed, helped and guided team members to achieve sprint & project goals * Participate in daily scrum meetings and provide updates * Participate in development estimations for clients or PMs * Improve code-base by constantly refactoring or re-using established open-source software * Help different project on-demand, to fix production issue * Trained new hires to work on existing projects * Documented project standards and process in wiki * Collaborated with different team to gather requirements and implementation details * Worked on multiple PoC phase for different clients Android Applications: * Released android app for major Canadian carrier which has support for LIVE and VOD video streaming on-the-go for Android phone & tablet. The application has been optimized to run on set-top boxes and Android TV. It has 100,000 - 500,000 install from Google Play store. * A live streaming application using propitiatory technology for a closed group of people. Worked with specific future devices that has this technology enabled. * More internal application in progress.

QuickPlay Media 2011-10-01 — 2014-04-01

Consultant - Smartphone Applications

Android smartphone and tablet application development using both native and web based solutions. Some of the major projects include: * Rogers Anyplace TV - Tablet Optimized Application * QucikPlay Virtual Set Top Box * QuickPlay TV Anywhere Express

Liquid Labs Inc. 2011-01-01 — 2013-12-01

Co-founder and Lead Android Developer

Collaboratively worked on location based application for Android platform. Major Responsibilities include: * Analyze project requirements and build wireframes accordingly * Manage project management related aspects * Create and maintain creative arts for applications * Implement core functionality of applications as well as modules * Maintain release schedules and QA feedback for each release List of Application(s) in Android Market * GreenP Toronto - Location aware app for municipal parking in toronto, also known as "GreenP" - * Cafe Anywhere - Another location aware app for finding cafe (Tim Hortons/Dunkin Donuts) in North America - * New/Upcoming Movies - Simple app to get list of upcoming movies built on Sencha Touch. * Quick Task - Another cross-platform TODO app using Google Task API. - _NOTE: Most of the apps are outdated and/or not maintained._

Lush Concepts 2010-11-01 — 2011-03-01

IT Consultant (Contract)

Key Points: * Design and develop Web 2.0 application * Mostly took care of back-end business logic * Build modular custom library * Implement Single Sign-On (SSO) with multiple 3rd party sites * Use 3rd party services using their API Technologies Used: PHP, MySQL, jQuery, AJAX, 3rd Party API, REST

NeuLion Inc 2010-09-01 — 2011-03-01

Software Engineer (Contract)

* Analyze software requirements and translate them into design * Implemented relational database using PGSQL * Built custom ad management system (AMS) * Built administrative functionality for AMS * Managed technical documentations using Wiki system Technologies Used: PHP, PostgreSQL, Google API, Web Analytics, Trac-SVN (Integrated Project Management Environment)

Independent Contractor 2009-07-01 — 2010-08-01

Software Engineer (WebApps)

Developed multiple small to mid-size web based applications. Some of the responsibilities include: * Designed, developed and optimized custom Web Applications and Databases. * Developed, maintained and optimized overall Back-end and Front-end of several Web Properties * Documentations (Design doc, deployment doc, and operations doc) * Post production support, change requests, and enhancements

Yahoo! Canada 2009-01-01 — 2009-04-01

Software Engineer

Worked as Frontend engineer and web-integration specialist. Key responsibilities include: * Maintain and make changes on Yahoo! Canada front page. * Implement small-pluggable modules for existing web site. * Make changes on web site when necessary. * Continuously monitored frontpage and other pages. * Create and update proper document for all the developed modules/pages.

IT Conquest 2008-01-01 — 2008-12-01

Application Developer

* Worked on various project regarding database driven web application. * Built secured administrative features/CMS for most of the application * Used 3rd party API to integrate and implement complex functionality. * Maintain web, database and source control management servers * Implemented scheduled backup system for the company. Technologies Used: MySQL, PHP, SVN, Trac, CentOS, Ubuntu, PhpMyAdmin, MySQL Workbench, Wiki

TRIUMF 2007-01-01 — 2007-08-01

Asst. ISAC Operations Application Programmer

Integrated multiple web applications into one and optimized database queries for performance boost. Designed an addition modular web application and implemented administrative functionality. Technologies Used: CGI-Perl, DBI, PostgreSQL, LDAP, CVS, Linux

PPG Chemfil Canada Ltd. 2006-05-01 — 2006-08-01

Jr. Web Application Developer

Migrated an old legacy system built on MS Access to a web application. The new application was built by following standard software engineering approach and used completely object oriented approach and database abstraction layer for safe data access. Provided full documentation of the project which includes Technical Documentation, User’s Manual and Project Overview. Technologies Used: PHP, MS Access, ODBC, MySQL, AJAX, Windows Server

University of Windsor 2005-01-01 — 2008-01-01


North South University 2003-01-01 — 2005-01-01

Bachelor of Science (BSc)

Software Development

Mobile Applications



Agile Methodologies



Web 2.0











Software Engineering


Software Design


Android Development

Web Applications


Full professional
Native or bilingual

Hossain was quick and expert in developing apps and working face to face with customers to gather and clarify requirements. Hossain worked well with other team members and even with difficult customers. He was always calm and respectful and was able to quickly develop new apps with complicated features, like eMBMS, LTE-B video and file delivery, 3rd party plug-ins for DRM and custom players, as well as work on other developers' code bases to fix bugs and extend new features. Hossain wrote very clean code which other developers readily accepted and leveraged. Hossain was a good multitasked and worked on multiple projects in parallel. I believe Hossain is a great individual contributor and has potential to be a team lead and manager. I'd work with Hossain again.

— Dan Witmer

Hossian is a top notch developer. He somehow always knows the latest technology and the most accepted way of implementing something--in Android, JavaScript, or whatever technology he is working in. He has a strong work ethic and knows what needs to be done for the project succeed. I would work with Hossain again in a heartbeat and highly recommend him for anything he might pursue.

— Josh Allen

I've worked with Hossain on multiple projects and have been consistently impressed with the quality of his work, the speed with which he delivers and the professionalism he displays on a day-to-day basis. He's worked on my projects in both a Sr Dev and Team Lead capacity and has been successful in both roles. He's a very strong technical resource in general and a great asset to the organization as is evidenced by the demand for his skills. He's a key resource who can be counted on when the going gets tough.I look forward to working with Hossain in the future.

— Matt Bush

I had the pleasure of working with Hossain on multiple projects at QuickPlay. Hossain is an experienced and creative developer, a person you can trust when you want to be sure that important tasks are completed in a systematic and precise way. Always maintains a very good relationship with co-workers and clients. We call the few top engineers at QuickPlay "superstars", and Hossain is one of them.

— Sebastian Jakubowski

At QuickPlay I have worked with Hossain on multiple projects where he demonstrated his ability to take charge and push the team towards success.His ability to deliver ingenious solution's to complex problems, in extremely tight deadlines is second to none. His diligence, passion for work, attention to detail, hardworking nature and a positive attitude is a true inspiration to anyone who works with him. Hossain is also a great team player, shares knowledge and is helpful to other team members.

— Rupinder Mazara

Hossain is a very talented individual. At a professional level, he excels to make things right - very detailed and an outside-of-the-box thinker. He is a smart and very passionate technology guru, who always has time to help.As a person, Hossain has amazing communication skills that add up to the wonderful human being he is. Always trying to simplify things no matter how easy or hard they may seem, with his charts, colours and gadgets. If you need something, he may have what you are looking for.As a friend, he must have one of the greatest hearts out there. Hossain offers his hand even if you did not ask for help. Respectful, funny, sincere and honest.

— Giancarlo Pacheco

Hossain is a very talented professional who goes on and beyond to get things done. He has earned the respect of his peers and also the higher management as well. It is not easy to be recognized as the go-to guy, but he definitely is the person to go to when things need to be done.His programming skills, test-driven development approaches and also his willingness to learn more would be an asset to any company that needs a highly skilled developer.It's a pleasure working with you Hossain and hopefully I can continue to work with you in upcoming tasks!

— Steve Shin

Hossain is one of the brightest and hard-working developer I have ever worked with. He always stays up-to-date on the latest technologies in mobile software development. It was real pleasure to work with you.

— Vitaliy Akudovich

At QuickPlay, I have had the pleasure to work with Hossain on multiple Android projects. Hossain is excellent at breaking down complex problems into actionable pieces. He is reliable, detail-oriented and committed to delivering quality products that fulfill beyond the functional requirements. In the design process, he gives a lot of thought on how a product may evolve in the future, and produces an appropriate amount of useful documentation. In addition to his work ethics, Hossain brings to our team in-depth knowledge about the platform API and experience in application design. He has my full recommendation as a software engineer, in mobile development and otherwise.

— Benedict Lau

I have had the pleasure of being both a co-worker and a friend to Hossain Employee for 1 year and a half.In and out of the office, Hossain conducts himself with integrity. He can be counted on not just to work hard, but to represent the company in a positive light. I know of numerous occasions where clients and server teams have specifically mentioned what a joy it is to work with Hossain. He is a talented Engineer with excellent communication skills and a strong moral compass.For these reasons, I have no hesitation in recommending Hossian to your company and will be a delight to work with him again.

— David Fernandez

Hossain is very good in following process, guidelines, best practices. He understands importance of IDE, frameworks and can develop maintaining all the crucial artifacts of a preferred solution.

— Reza Khan

Hossain is a conscientious and talented developer. He does a great job conceptualizing the project to maximize time and budget.

— Ryan Payne

Hossain is a great software developer. He is a fast learner and can find efficient solutions to a problem easily. He also has a great interpersonal skills. It was a pleasure working with him and I learned a lot from him.

— Abdullah Rubiyath