A 19 year old developer from Indonesia. Interested and involved in a wide range of disciplines, from fullstack web development as a day job, to community moderation and management as a volunteer


Undisclosed SF Startup 2020-10-01 —

Fullstack Product Engineer

Joined at a very early stage as a Backend Dev, ended up dabbling with the complete web stack.

Frontend Indonesia 2020-08-25 —

Community Moderation and Management

A "melting pot" of many Indonesian Frontend community, targeting beginners to seniors to come and talk about frontend.


  • Initialized the community from scratch, with help from many community leader

Bina Nusantara University 2020-07-30 — 2024-07-30

Computer Science


  • COMP6047 - Algorithm and Programming
  • COMP6049 - Algorithm Design and Analysis
  • COMP6048 - Data Structures
  • ISYS6169 - Database Systems
  • CPEN6098 - Computer Networks
  • COMP6176 - Human and Computer Interaction

National Data Science Competition 2020 - Beginners

Awarded 2020-11-28
by Shopee
Ranked top 50 out of 150 team

Verified Discord Bot Developer

Awarded 2020-04-10
by Discord
Created a Discord bot that is in more than 15k servers, reaching more than 600k users

Full-stack Web Development

  • Backend with NodeJS using Express / Fastify / NestJS
  • Frontend with JS / TS using React
  • Data fetching using REST API, GraphQL or WS connection
  • Worked with frameworks such as NextJS & Remix
  • Testing with Jest / Cypress
  • CI/CD with GitHub Actions
  • Deployment with Docker / Kubernetes

Software and Technical Details

  • General proficiency with a range of systems and software
  • Experience in web hosting on Linux and management with Docker / Kubernetes
  • 6+ years of experience in NodeJS
  • Additionally proficient in SQL, LaTeX and C (Competitive Programming)
  • Currently researching and learning Rust and Elixir

Community Moderation

  • 3+ years moderating online communities
  • Experience with a range of platforms and communities
5 - Native speaker
5 - Bilingual proficiency
2 - Limited working proficiency