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I love working with great clients and agencies of all sizes. If you need an enthusiastic, senior digital designer who can tackle any task from from hand-coding HTML5 and Javascript animation, timeline based HTML5 banner animation tools (Adobe Animate 2018 & GWD), motion design (AfterEffects) and 3D + vector asset creation, do get in touch.I have 15+ years of Digital and creative agency experience, working on all stages of design, development and delivery of brand-driven marketing campaigns, as well as all kinds of OOH delivery. I design, animate and code HTML5 banner campaigns, for clients such as Artemis, Eon, Nestle, EA, FitBit, McDonald's, eBay, RAF.. I work with most banner platforms - Doubleclick Studio, Sizmek, AdForm including recent RM and mobile platforms like Celtra.


Jagex 2019-03-01 — 2020-05-01

Senior Designer, Digital Marketing

At Jagex, my task was to conceptualise, design and deliver Runescape3 and OSRS marketing and promo campaigns, working on all stages of campaign production, from concept to delivery.My primary focus being on digital displays and or marketing video, creating digital assets either from in-game capture, hand painted imagery, or programmatic graphics using JavaScript which I then utilise in digital displays (either hand coded HTML5, or timeline based Adobe An comps), video, websites and landing pages for Creative Services at Jagex, for the purpose of promoting Runescape3 and OSRS/OSRS Mobile games across all marketing platforms, GoogleUAC, DCM, DCS, social etc.


  • Doing all the new business aquisition and marketing campaigns for Runescape3 and OldSchool Runescape

Craft - McCanns 2018-12-01 — 2019-02-31

Digital Designer and Developer

Worked on Purina's Felix catfood campaign. I've designed, animated and built the digital display campaign for various Felix catfood products


Leo Burnett 2018-06-01 — 2018-08-12

Senior Digital Designer/Developer

At Leo Burnett's I was responsible for the design, animation, coding and management of all the banners for McDonald's account, as well as doing their portal skins and various other web assets.


  • Automation of coding workflow using the Bannertime generator
  • Animated with the Greensock TweenMax javascript engine

Wellcom 2018-05-01 — 2018-06-01

Senior Digital Designer/Developer

Createdm, animated and managed all the HTML5 banner production fpr Doubleclick and adForm platforms


  • Worked on and built Google dynamic banners

WCRS - ENGINE Group 2017-07-01 — 2018-01-12

Senior Hybrid Designer/Developer

WCRS brought me in to lead the HTML5 rich-media banner campaigns design, development and publishing. I've created campaigns for Artemis, HMRC, RAF, CapitalONE and EON. Aside from banners, I was involved with motion graphic design and aimation for D6 units, SixSheets and various other OOH formats for Sky Broadband


  • Reintroduced Flash (currently named Adobe Animate 2018) for complex HTML5 banner creatives.
  • Contributed to winning several pitches.
  • Had the opportunity to personally illustrate for high profile website sites such as E.ON

Partners Andrews Aldridge - ENGINE Group 2017-05-01 — 2018-06-30

2D Vector Illustrator

I was hired at Partners to create vector based illustrations, and a series of infographics for a mobile first global marketing campaign for EON. The main subject of the illustrations was electonic cars and various electonic vehicle scenarios


  • created some very complex vector illsutration infographics for eON's campaign to promote electonic cars

Freedman International 2016-09-01 — 2017-05-20

Senior Digital Designer + Developer

Senior Digital Designer and front end Dev. Responsible for design + hand coding of integrated campaigns for Electronic Arts' HTML5/CSS/js rich media banners delivered through Google DCS/DCM, AdForm etc. Design work incuding UI and Sketch layouts for FitBit iPhone apps, as well as design/motion graphics work on numerous EA DOOH placements.


  • Created optimized workflows for HTML5 banner production.
  • Created automatization tools and apps, enabling QC's and PM's to publish to FTP and navigate LAN structure quicker.

Antiweb Ltd. 2011-04-01 — 2016-09-01

Digital Designer and Developer

This was the wild and woolly times during the transition period from Actionscript to HTML5, I freelanced for Wundermans, Crayon, Proximity, Razorfish, Meme, Dare and Hogarth.

RMG Connect 2010-08-01 — 2011-02-01

Head of Interactive and Principal Actionscript Developer

My role at RMG Connect was as Head of Interactive and Principal AS dev, leading a team of 6 Flash developers/designers creating interacive content and campaigns, mostly for the HSBC account. I was responsible for creative and technical aspect of coding, animation, graphic asset design+delivery on interactive HSBC online campaigns, as well as mentoring Flash/AS/HTML team.


  • The highlights of my time at RMG Connect was being able to create highly engaging and programatically complex Flash based campaigns

DigitasLBi_UK 2009-04-01 — 2010-06-01

Senior Actionscript Developer

Actionscript 2 OOP development. Built Flash frameworks, components and apps for large sites for clients such as and Shell.


  • We have produced some very tight OOP code during my time at Digitas

Imagination - London 2008-04-01 — 2009-09-01

Creative Interactive Developer

At Imagination, I worked on AirPoint Gestural Interaction and Motion Tracking hardware (nowadays we call that simply Augmented Reality) app development for the Shell Group. I also developed apps and visual assets for the Shell interactive video wall hardware (AR again). On the visual/graphic design side, I created 3D and animated assets used by the GestureTek hardware (Modo, Flash and AfterEffects).


  • This was my first contact and opportunity to work on AR software and hardware before the term was even coined

Young & Rubicam Brands 2007-05-01 — 2008-11-01

Interactive TV Designer

At Y&R apart from branding design related work, I was tasked with creating graphic layouts, type-setting+typography, as well as asset creation for interactive TV adverts running on Sky TV. I also created assets for various interactive (flash) banners. The client was the Sky interactive TV platform.

DARE - London 2008-08-01 — 2009-12-30

Flash Animator and Coder (Senior)

Designed, animated and coded highly interactive Flash banner campaigns for Barclays, at Dare

BORN 2008-01-15 — 2008-08-01

Principal Flash Developer

Flash AS3/AS2, Lingo Adobe Air, Shockwave specalist. Worked on Links of London, Uniqlo, CWharton, Reiss, Kurt Geiger accounts

Wunderman UK 2006-06-01 — 2007-02-01

Freelance Graphic Designer - Interactive TV

Freelance developer/ digital designer at Wundermans, designing graphic layouts and typography for interactive TV ads. Design and execution of creatives for interactive online banners. Clients: Land Rover, Microsoft.

Red Bee Media 2003-05-02 — 2006-05-31

Interactive Designer (Senior)

As an interaction designer my role at RedBee included designing/creating and managing brand driven marketing campaigns across online, interactive TV, and print media. I worked on BBC internal work such as promotional Flash games and banners, as well as external clients such as Lexus, BT, NHS (Five-A-Day campaigns + sites).

BBC - Creative Services 2001-06-20 — 2003-05-01

Promo Director

Online Promo Director - BBC Creative Services. Responsible for the entire BBC promotional banner service for the site, as well as all of the BBC promotional Flash content made at the time. Content creation such as online apps, games, as well as authoring bespoke 2D and 3D graphic assets for promoting individual BBC TV programmes - Blue Planet, Walking With Beasts, and larger scale events - BBC Three and BBC Four channel launches.

Rock-Star UK 2000-12-01 — 2001-04-25

Freelance Flash and Lingo Developer and Designer

Created entire Flash and Shockwave (Director/Lingo) based sites for, Tracey Emin, Brian Harvey, Bridget Jones Diary Film site. Designed and coded numerous Flash games, desktop apps such as screen-mates, screen-savers, cd roms. Created vertice-based 3D model assets for online use.

BT - Research & Development Labs, Colindale 1998-01-30 — 2000-06-01

3D Artist / Level Editor / Quake server admin

BT Wireplay ISDN and DialUp Online Gaming networks. Specialising in QuakeIII client and Q3A server software (Quakeworld) as well as 3D maps creation and implementation. At Wireplay I also took on to admin and grow the already sizeable UK online gamer community on and servers - which at the time were one of the largest online PC gamer environments.

Central St Martins College of Art And Design, University of the Arts London 1991-10-01 — 1994-06-01

Critical Fine Art Practice (CFAP)


  • CFAP
  • Fine Art Painting

Fine Art Academy, Belgrade Faculty of Fine Arts 1994-09-01 — 1997-08-31

Fine Art Painting
M.A. Course

Best Online Promotion - 2nd Place

Awarded 2003-09-01
by Promax
BBC Walking With Beasts

Best Online Promotion - Gold (1st)

Awarded 2002-09-01
by Promax
Radio ONE - Fatboy Slim Mixing Game


  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Javascript
  • DubleClick
  • Actionsript 1-3
  • Lingo


  • DoubleClick Studio
  • DoubleClick Manager
  • Celtra
  • Sizmek

3D Modelling + Animation

  • 3D Studio Max
  • After Effects
  • Premiere


  • Sketch

Typography + Design

  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Sketch
Native speaker

Blockchain Technologies

  • BitCoin
  • Steemit

Nicolas is a highly skilled and experienced freelance senior level developer. His industry knowledge and ability to work with current trends as well as existing techniques makes him an asset and powerful resource. Devoted and passionate about what he does, I would strongly recommend his involvement for a wide range of digital development and design projects. He is also a very talented illustrator and proven "out of the box thinker". I look forward to working with him again.

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