Brian Williams

Brian Williams

Sallisaw, Oklahoma, US
(918) 208-3133




I am a technology officer, full stack developer, database analyst, devops engineer, and entrepreneur. I have a reputation for high-energy work ethic, excellent analytical and problem solving skills, and strong customer relations. I have a very broad range of technical skills and have worked in a plethora of industries.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Chief Technology Officer

    Mar, 2017 - Present

    Call Center based Third Party Verification company which was started in 1998.

    • Managed a development to transition from a legacy (Fox Pro) application to a new set of applications for call center, client, and staff interaction.

    • Acted as project manager for both internal and external tickets; including roadmap items.

    • Developed several new revenue generating paths with EZTPV (customer data collection from a sales agents point of view), Digital Submission (customer data collection from their own device), and IVR (customer voice print).

    • Architected staging and production infractructures on Amazon Web Services (AWS) using Elastic Beanstalk and RDS to auto-scale based upon demand.

    • Designed the release management process for all applications using Continuous Integration practices.

    • Developed REST APIs for client rates and data submissions.

    • Maintained legacy platforms co-location hardware and maintenance.

  • Software Systems Principal Engineer

    Nov, 2016 - Feb, 20173 months

    Dell Software Group was purchased by Francisco Partner Group in November 2016.

    • Developed a command line utility (Golang) that wraps up the process of building, packaging, testing, and deploying your application (Development, Staging, or Production) in a common interface and using a standardized configuration process.

    • Created and maintained launch (Docker Swarm & Hashicorp Nomad), registry (Hashicorp Consul), & runtime (Vagrant box & Microsoft Azure) plugins to extend the functionality of the command line utility

    • Evolved the command line utility by introducing a User Interface (Angular2) that interacted with the existing command line utility through a REST API.

  • Software Systems Principal Engineer

    May, 2013 - Nov, 20163 years 6 months

    • Created a patent pending Appliance to manage configuration, installation, upgrades, and state of the DCM software across multiple Docker containers.

    • Designed Business Intelligences tools (Golang - backend/api, AngularJS - frontend, MySQL, & BoltDB) that perform trending, anomaly detection, and introspection.

    • Performed data mining and analysis on large scale MySQL and Riak clusters (100 million+ records) and log files located in customer environments.

    • Assisted with high-level software integrations on a multitude of public and private clouds and platforms such as Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, Joyent, Google Cloud Engine, VMWare, CloudStack, and OpenStack.

    • Deployment and troubleshooting of Dell Cloud Manager Software (Java based).

    • Aided the customer support and engineering teams in query building (SQL), schema changes, and proper indexing for Dell Cloud Manager.

    • Maintainer of the Open Source Mixcoatl Python library (http://mixcoatl.net) for interacting with the Dell Cloud Manager API.

    • Developed a fully-automated handsfree utility (https://github.com/enStratus/mixcoatl/tree/master/utils/handsfree) used to fully configure Dell Cloud Manager on a single server + post setup operations without human interaction.

    • Contributor to the Dell Cloud Manager installer (Chef based) for the simple installation of Dell Cloud Manager across various OS distributions.

  • Sr. Cloud Systems Engineer

    Nov, 2011 - May, 20131 year 6 months

    Company was purchased by Dell Inc. in May 2013.

    • First hired employee after Series A round of funding.

    • Provided customer training on cloud computing and the Enstratius software.

    • Pre-sales engagements for product education and Proof-of-Concept advocacy.

    • Handled support tickets and provided support metrics to the CEO.

    • Generated custom reports using raw SQL (MySQL database) for customers.

    • Engaged in paid Cloud Consultant for many Enterprise level companies.

    • Auto-provisioning of servers via DevOps (Chef) or custom developed scripts (Bash, Python, Ruby, PHP, Perl, etc.)

    • High familiarity with major clouds (AWS, Rackspace, GoGrid, Azure, etc.)

  • Chief Technology Officer

    Aug, 2010 - Nov, 20111 year 3 months

    • Acted as the Technical Co-Founder in this bootstrapped startup.

    • Created marketing and vision plans that allowed us to reach 11,000 paying subscribers in the first year.

    • Lead development of the application (LAMP, PHP, MySQL, and jQuery).

    • Developed a database intensive compensation utility that automated payout to Paypal and ACH (NACHA).

    • Heavy use of AWS/Rackspace clouds to create a zero downtime solution.

    • Managed development, outsourcing, and SDLC.

  • Director of Information Technology

    Sep, 2009 - Aug, 201011 months

    • Re-architecture of a high traffic website with vendor integrations (API) and customer management applications (CMS).

    • Generated growth and trending reports based upon both Inventory and Web Traffic/Store Front databases (MySQL).

    • Reduced technology department overhead by 60%.

    • Assisted in the mathematical creation of our Compensation plan algorithm and developed (pre-production) utility to perform verifications of accuracy.

  • Director of Technology

    Jun, 2007 - Sep, 20092 years 3 months

    Formerly known as High School Sports - The Magazine.

    • First technical hire by an already established company.

    • Created the first corporate website (PHP, MySQL, & jQuery) with a highly modular and widgetized content management solution.

    • The content management solution allowed franchisees to easily customize almost every aspect of their webpage themselves.

    • Used a MySQL backend with a memcached middleware to provide the quickest possible page loads.

    • Developed a reporting system that provided each franchise with statistics related to Traffic, Views, and Clicks.

    • Custom developed an Advertisement server for displaying per-franchisee client ads (Set ad duration, regions, max clicks, max views, etc.)

  • System Administrator / Developer

    Nov, 2005 - Mar, 20071 year 4 months

    • Developed the patented technology behind BigString's Self-Destructing, Recallable/Erasable, and Non-Forwardable email solution.

    • Handled day-to-day feature development, technical support, and database (MySQL) administration.

    • Managed the entire production infrastructure, all Debian based servers, hosted in a Level3 data center.



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  • Clouds

    Amazon Web Services


    Microsoft Azure

    Google Cloud Engine


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  • Information Technology, Bachelor of Business Administration, Colorado Technical University

    Jan, 2003 - May, 2005



  • Tackling the Challenges of Big Data , Massachusetts Institute of Technology

    Awarded on: Jun 24, 2015

  • Michael Dell Champion Award , Dell Inc.

    Awarded on: Apr 01, 2015

  • Michael Dell Champion Award , Dell Inc.

    Awarded on: Apr 01, 2014

  • Magna Cum Laude , Colorado Technical University

    Awarded on: May 01, 2005



  • Greg Moselle (Amazon Web Services, Inc.)

    Brian is uniquely gifted with a technical business vision. His ability to understand chaotic business requirements and distill them into concrete value propositions for clients is matched only by his ability to share his knowledge with his colleagues in a way that makes the entire team stronger.

  • John Willis (Red Hat)

    Brian has shown a high degree of proficiency in numerous programming languages, databases, and platforms. In addition, he is an excellent communicator and has the skills and personality needed to be a leader.

  • Tim Freeman (Amazon Web Services, Inc.)

    Brian has a consistent, superior output. He can jump into any project (including frontend) and get the work done. He is able to juggle a lot of tasks and sudden troubleshooting needs. He works very well independently: I can delegate responsibilities to him and then rely on his judgment to either deliver or raise red flags when appropriate.