Bram Borggreve

Bram Borggreve

Senior Software Engineer - Founder at Code Your Future Colombia - Co-Founder at Trilon - StackBlitz Team

Dutch, English, Spanish, German




I am Bram Borggreve, a Dutch software engineer. At the age of 35 I sold my house, gave away my stuff and started living abroad. I have since spent time in more than 15 countries!

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Co-founder

    Mar, 2019 - Present

  • Owner

    Nov, 2015 - Present

  • Senior Software Engineer

    May, 2015 - May, 20172 years

  • Owner

    Nov, 2015 - Feb, 20163 months

    Software Development

  • Owner & Developer

    Dec, 2010 - Present

  • Owner

    Dec, 2010 - Apr, 20154 years 4 months

    Software Development
    Installation and Administration

  • Junior Teacher

    Sep, 2009 - Jun, 20111 year 9 months

    Teaching Technology "Skills and Tools" in the first year of the HIDS program at the CII Academy at Saxion.

  • Software Engineer

    Apr, 2009 - Apr, 20156 years

    Developing software in PHP and Java for internal customers.

  • Server Administrator

    Oct, 2006 - Mar, 20092 years 5 months

    I have been working as Novell and Linux administrator, responsible for all file and print services at our company, which run on Novell. Als member of the team that is responsible for the two main datacenters and all the network components in our company.

  • Application Administrator

    Feb, 1999 - Oct, 20067 years 8 months

    The team of Applications Engineers at Saxion is responsible for a couple of hundred applications to run on all our workstations. We make heavy use of Novell ZENworks for this. I also worked with InstallShield's MSI packaging tool, got to know a lot more of Window's Registry then is healthy for anyone.

  • Assistant at Quality Assurance

    Sep, 1998 - Jan, 19994 months

    At Nefit Fasto in Deventer i was responsible for collecting and analyzing the QA data in a MS Access database and generate weekly reports for QA management.

  • Internship

    Feb, 1998 - Jul, 19985 months

    My internship consisted mainly of working at the Service Desk, first and second line.



  • LoopBack
  • Node JS
  • Angular (2.x and beyond)
  • AngularJS (1.x)
  • JavaScript / JSON
  • TypeScript
  • HTML5 and CSS3
  • Desktop OS: Mac OS X, Linux, Windows
  • Server OS: Linux, Windows, Novell NetWare, AS/400
  • Browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Internet Explorer
  • Databases: MongoDB, MySQL, Oracle, Postgres
  • IDE's: WebStorm, Atom, VS Code, Sublime, NetBeans, Eclipse
  • JavaScript Toosl and Libraries: Angular CLI, WebPack, Grunt, Gulp
  • Programming languages: PHP, Java, XPages, Bash, Python
  • Coaching
  • Virtualization: Docker, VMware, VirtualBox
  • Working knowledge of internet technologies: HTTP/REST/SOAP/SMTP/LDAP/DNS/IRC


  • , HBO, Saxion

    Jan, 2001 - Jan, 2005

  • , , PIOT Hengelo

    Jan, 1997 - Jan, 1998

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • undefined, Egghead Instructor

    Mar, 2017 - Present

    I released several Angular courses on egghead.io

  • undefined, Ionic Nederland

    Jul, 2015 - Present

    Together with a co-founder I have founded the Ionic Nederland usergroup and organized the first few meetings.

  • undefined, Colmena CMS

    Aug, 2014 - Present

    Colmena CMS is a free and Open Source API and Admin powered by LoopBack and Angular. It is a starter kit for an API with an Admin interface that can be easily extended and built upon.



  • Playing piano and guitar

  • Traveling

  • Visiting concerts and festivals

  • Programming