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A software engineer interested in web and mobile front-end technologies, back-end technologies, edge computing and embedded systems. Also, enjoys learning new technologies and subjects.
SFUNC INC, Co-Founder 2020-12 — 2022-08
  • Designed and implemented type safe backends in Rust, Go and TypeScript for customers
  • Implemented a simple event sourced CQRS based JSON database in Node.js
  • Worked on Node.js backend development and developed whole kapikontrol.com api backend
  • Developed more than 3 React Web front ends for our customers like vvino.com.tr
  • Designed and implemented different RPC protocols based on WebSocket and HTTP
  • Created more than 5 mobile apps in React Native and Android Native
  • Worked on HTTP, MQTT and WebSocket protocol implementations for embedded devices
  • Developed different License Plate Recognition systems with C++ and Node.js
  • Provided REST API Design, CI/CD and IOT consultancy services for our customers like kolaysarj.com
  • Provided Amazon AWS, Digital Ocean and On-Premise app deployment services for customers
Retroser A.S., Automation and Embedded Software Engineer 2020-04 — 2020-12
  • Worked on Structured Text and Embedded C
  • Worked on mission critical softwares for burners, boilers and high pressure pumps
  • Worked on different industrial communication protocol reverse engineering tasks
  • Implemented BacNET and Modbus protocols in Go
MakroKEY A.S., Automation and Embedded Software Engineer 2019-05 — 2020-04
  • Worked on CRM and ERP apps written in PHP/Laravel
  • Worked on Cloud Deployment of the apps to Digital Ocean
Boğaziçi University 2016 — 2019
Dropout - Mathematics
Programming Languages (Advanced): Javascript, C, Rust, Go
Programming Languages (Familiar): Python, Haskell, C++, Java
Frameworks: React, React Native, Express, Rocket
Databases: Mongo DB, PostgreSQL
Cloud: Amazon AWS, Docker, Digital Ocean, NGINX, Github Actions CI/CD
Web Development (Advanced): HTML/CSS, Tailwind CSS
Turkish (Native) , English
Math [ Mathematical Logic, Group Theory, Linear Algebra ], Physics and Electronics, Philosophy, Theory of Programming Languages [ Parsing Algorithms and Lexers, Type Systems, Dependent Types ]