Colby M. White
Principal full-stack engineer and technical leader


Experienced polyglot engineer and team lead with a focus in JavaScript and Java. Comfortable in multiple layers of an application’s stack including front- end, back-end and DevOps development.

Work Experience

Austin, TX
May 2017 – Present
Principal Software Engineer
  • Led team tasked with integrating legacy fundraising product with Facebook Fundraisers in increase adoption
  • Created tool for customer wealth calculations that heavily leveraged Kafka for asynchronous processing
  • Led front-end team for latest donation form product aimed at allowing users to customize look and feel of forms
  • Prompted the formation of a company UI Guild in order to spread UI best practices among teams in multiple locations
  • Led cross-team presentations to educate Austin’s previously back-end teams on UI development and testing
  • Led non-engineering team in efforts to modernize cross-product strategies for help content
  • Served as engineering contact with external departments for the presentation and deployment of help content
Independent Contractor
May 2016 – May 2017
Contract Senior Software Engineer
  • Completed work for different companies: Whole Foods (Austin), Nike (Portland) and Xferall (Austin)
  • Worked on different types of projects, including front-end, back-end and DevOps tasks
  • Used common Java frameworks (Spring, Guice, JAX-RS) in order to quickly build web-based microservices
  • Maintained a ReactJS-based web application while prototyping a React Native mobile app
Spanning Cloud Apps
Austin, TX
September 2015 – May 2016
Senior Software Engineer
  • Contributed features as a senior member of the development team for company’s Google Apps Backup product
  • Created Chef recipes to help enforce consistency between the team’s multiple environments, including local developer-focused Vagrant machines and production stacks
  • Diagnosed and corrected front-end performance issues in order to scale SaaS application for large, enterprise customers
CA Technologies
Austin, TX
March 2014 – September 2015
Software Developer
  • Developed infrastructure and libraries for browser-based Selenium testing of a SaaS application
  • Coordinated REST-driven interaction between dynamically scaled microservices of different languages (Java and JavaScript)
  • Created Vagrant-based environments to encapsulate dependencies and encourage rapid, iterative development
  • Built several custom Gradle and Rake plugins to put project’s deployment procedures into code
Allure Energy, Inc.
Austin, TX
November 2010 – March 2014
Software Developer
  • Built RESTful APIs to facilitate communication between multiple types of devices in order to sync several types of data
  • Used OSGI platform for deployment of Java software to allow for dynamic removal and inclusion of different modules
  • Created XMPP messaging schemas to facilitate communication between thermostat and mobile devices
  • Implemented user interface designs via Qt on an embedded device
  • Developed in-house admin application leveraging the Django framework


Open Austin
May 2016 – August 2016
Freelance Software Engineer


  • Harris County Booking Data Gathering: An Open Austin serverless project that accumulates the book- ing information published in Harris County’s daily JIMS 1058 reports into a search-friendly format. The intent is to aide non-profit organizations looking to do data research across time spans greater than a day.
  • aws-cf-monitor: A wrapper around the AWS CloudFormation Node.js API that monitors the progress of the CloudFormation commands while providing smart logging. The intent is to remove a lot of boiler-plate code to poll the progress of a stack.


Austin, Texas US


  • 2010 2012

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Bachelor of Science (BS)

    Computer Science

  • 2006 2010

    The University of Texas at Austin

    Bachelor of Arts (BA)



Front-end Experienced
JavaScript TypeScript HTML CSS Angular 11ty Jasmine
Back-end Experienced
Java Spring Gradle Ruby Ruby on Rails rspec Rake Python Django Node.js
DevOps Experienced
AWS Azure DevOps Docker Netlify JAMStack CI/CD Jenkins TravisCI
Project Management Proficient
SCRUM Lean Startup Cynefin Framework