Cristopher David Caamana Gómez

Cristopher David Caamana Gómez

Front-end Engineer - Computer engineering M's degree - Open Source geek

Bergen, NO
Español, English


Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Front-end engineerWolftech Broadcast Solutions AS

    Aug, 2020 - Present

    Over these 3 years, I've been involved in development and bug-fixing tasks while also leading the front-end development and architecture for a new product. My responsibilities included everything from reworking and analyzing the front-end section of an internally developed product to maintaining and enhancing the modules of our 'Production' product. I have also implemented unit tests and Docker for environment deployment, as well as analyzed and optimized code for better performance.

    • Rework, analysis, and development of the front-end section for a product in internal development

    • Maintenance and enhancement of modules for the 'Production' product

    • Implementation of Unit Tests

    • Implementation of Docker for development environment deployment

    • Performance analysis and code optimization

  • Front-end Tech lead & architectGo Supply Services

    Jul, 2017 - Jul, 20203 years

    As an initial member of the startup Go Supply Services, I held a pivotal role in shaping the architecture and design of the product. I was responsible for designing and developing the company's platform UI, as well as steering the direction of the commercial website. My work involved prototyping with Figma and programming the front end using Angular 7 with Highcharts. I had full responsibility for front-end decisions and design strategies, which has been instrumental in the company's growth and success.

    • Managed and developed the Front-end environment for a newly created startup

    • Performed analysis and code refactoring

    • Restructured the front-end project and its components

    • Engaged in UX/UI technical design and customer experience analysis

    • Defined RESTful APIs for front-end consumption

    • Developed responsive interfaces

    • Programmed Single Page Applications (SPA) using Angularjs / Angular

    • Handled layout with custom Bootstrap 3/4, Gulp, SASS, and Webpack

  • Co-Founder / Full Stack & DevOpsStartDevs

    Dec, 2014 - Dec, 20173 years

    As Co-founder of StartDevs, I've had a multi-faceted role that spans from full-stack development to DevOps and project management. My experiences include utilizing a range of development stacks and tools, managing and coordinating various computer projects, and deploying and maintaining services in Linux and Docker environments. My scope also extends to the development of educational materials based on new technologies, as well as the hands-on programming and implementation of web services and mobile applications.

    • Co-founded StartDevs

    • Utilized various development stacks including MongoDB, Express JS, Node.js, Angular/Angularjs, MySQL, Slim Framework, PHP, and Backbone.js

    • Managed and coordinated computer projects

    • Handled social network management

    • Performed Linux server maintenance

    • Deployed services using Docker

    • Managed GIT repositories with Gitlab & Gitlab CI

    • Created guides, manuals, and educational material on new technologies

    • Managed and developed portals using Wordpress and Joomla CMS

    • Developed and implemented web portals and services

    • Developed hybrid mobile applications using Ionic, Cordova, and PhoneGap

    • Developed back-end services with PHP (Slim Framework) and Node.js (Express.js)

  • Analyst/Developer of digital technologiesIndra (Minsait Division)

    Mar, 2016 - Apr, 20171 year 1 month

    My first experience in consulting led me to work on high-impact projects for the company, both internally and for clients such as the State Lotteries and Betting (Spain), Heineken, Endesa, and other confidential clients. I was also promoted to manage development teams and define the architecture for new products.

    • Front-End web development with HTML5 / CSS3

    • Deployment of web services, generation of deliverables with Gulp and Grunt

    • Web portal and services programming using Angular (1.3 / 1.5+)

    • Developing Web Services with Angular 2

    • Hybrid applications development with Ionic 1

    • Full Stack / DevOps knowledge, including Drupal 7 solutions

    • Deployment of environments with Vagrant and Chef

    • Planning and deploying development environments with Docker

  • Research InternUniversidad de La Laguna

    Jul, 2014 - Dec, 20145 months

    "During this research I was able to develop and offer a SaaS which became in the main product of a startup bussiness"

    • Analysis and design of the requested platform

    • Implementation of the Atlas of Intangible Heritage of the Canary Islands, using Joomla and developing custom modules in PHP, Javascript, and HTML

  • Systems InternUniversidad de La Laguna

    Oct, 2013 - Sep, 201411 months

    "First experience managing an entire IT room & services for the Bussiness Departent of the College."

    • Management of AULAS-ULL service: Incident handling, error reporting, software installation upon faculty request

    • Computer equipment maintenance: Repair, installation of Windows/Linux OS on student computers

  • DeveloperRewi, LTD

    Oct, 2013 - Feb, 20144 months

    "First experience as developer in a startup during its initial phase."

    • Hybrid development using Phonegap

    • Bug fixing

    • Implementation of features and utilities in the App

  • Developer InternInformédica

    May, 2013 - Aug, 20133 months

    Intern during 3 months.

    • "Implementation and updating of the company's internal platform. Using .Net4 and Bootstrap"

    • "Rework the front-end service using JQuery"

  • Freelance developer, Freelance

    Apr, 2011 - Present

    I offered freelance services along these years for several costumers.

    • Consultancy services

    • UX/UI design

    • Website development using CMS, headless CMS and static sites

    • Server maintenance



  • JavaScript
  • MySQL
  • C++
  • Gestión de proyectos
  • StartDevs - Web & mobile development
  • GoSupply Advanced Applications
  • Figma (Software)
  • MongoDB
  • Docker
  • Diseño de la interfaz de usuario
  • C#
  • Software Architecture
  • Time Management
  • Web Development
  • Diseño de experiencia de usuario (UX)
  • Jira
  • Web Applications
  • Linux
  • UX Research
  • Career Management
  • Angular
  • Scrum
  • Servicios web de RESTful
  • Git
  • Vue
  • Node.js
  • PHP


  • Information Technology, Master's in Computer Engineering, University of La Laguna

    Dec, 2015 - Dec, 2016

  • Software Engineering, Bachelor's in Computer Engineering, University of La Laguna

    Dec, 2008 - Dec, 2013

  • Scientific Technical, High School; Technical, IES Chapatal

    Dec, 2002 - Dec, 2008





  • 1st Prize in the 1st Free Software Contest at the University of La Laguna , Free Software Office of the University of La Laguna

    Awarded on: May 31, 2011

    Winner of the 1st Free Software Contest at the University of La Laguna for the innovative Vidali project. This social platform is an installable and extensible open-source platform designed to integrate social services in various contexts. It leverages geolocation technologies to provide a more interactive and connected user experience. The project embodies the principles of open-source software and aims to enhance social connectivity.



  • A Smart Mobility System Implemented in a Geosocial Network , Volume 8733 of the series Lecture Notes in Computer Science pp 302-311

    Published on: Dec 31, 2014

    The continuous evolution of internet and web 2.0 technologies facilitates the creation of dynamic content. Social networks with georreference can be helpful to handle information from different sources and provide user-oriented services. Among these applications we can consider the intelligent systems for mobility.In this paper we introduce our geosocial network platform called Vidali. The open source social platform Vidali is developed provides a set of tools for the benefit of interactivity and collaboration between people and the provision of location-based services, which creates an environment that enhances collective intelligence. Starting with this platform as base, we developed a solution to improving mobility in local environments, which includes among other features the management of shared vehicles. We discuss the design and implementation of Vidali and of a smart mobility system.