Dale V. Ross

Software Engineer/Problem Solver

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  • 19050 Lansdowne
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  • Pennsylvania
Work Experience

2020-01-11 till today

CTO and Principal Innovator at Ross Squared:

Simultaneously Lead Software Engineer and Chief Technical Officer

Initiated conversations with Church to start bring the vision of teaching coding to underserved groups to life

Tagged as Lead Developer on Pressurized Tank Level Monitoring System (PTLMS) project for client Integral Energy

Overseeing Azure DevOps project for release pipeline and sprint management for PTLMS project

Developing a web application using ASP.NET Core to be hosted on Ubuntu in the cloud.

In discussions with California based developer concerning a potential partnership for bringing multiple ideas to life

Mentored at We Connect The Dots (WCTD) Code-A-Thon event in Lansdowne, PA

Working with a team of four, myself included, along with a mentee from Code-A-Thon (WCTD), an Engineer and Teacher learning to code

Establishing a mastermind with the aforementioned team of 4, to encourage personal growth and the ultimate success of each member

Consolidating Ross family brand under one umbrella (Christian Ministry, Music, Event Planning, etc).

2019-12-02 till today

Independent Software Contractor at Self Employed:

Joined an undisclosed company as an independent contractor for a payroll management product

Responsible for potential migration of Kotlin based Android Application to Xamarin

Responsible for supporting/extending Kotlin application while Xamarin app is being developed

Looking into client-server solution using Signal-R to solve an issue where clients aren't comfortable exposing a public IP in their environment

2016-01-29 till 2016-12-23

Application Developer at Zero Chaos:

Started as a member of the Implementations Development team responsible for developing custom integrations for new clients being imported and eventually migrated to primary Integrations developer (internal)

Quickly became a dependable go-to guy after team reorganizations shortly after start

Participated in requirements gathering, discovery and development planning for new client onboarding

Developed and/or supported tools used for inbound/outbound feed management

Investigated and resolved issues identified in existing feeds

Helped new team members to understand processes I had 'mastered', while at the same time increasing my mastery

Kept team spirits high with a positive attitude towards problem solving

Helped to standardize authentication methods used by replacing legacy library with Auth0

Got tagged for improving integrations between internal systems through reducing redundancies and identifying other general opportunities for improvement

2012-10-01 till 2017-07-08

CEO/President at DaJen Group/Ross Squared:

Dajen Group is a software solutions provider which aims to solve problems that affect a wide cross section of society

Built a chrome extension to add features to online word games

Built a score management system for an online scrabble league

2013-07-03 till 2017-06-01

Co Founder at Rastival:

Member of start up team working to make the internet audible

Primary chrome extension developer, JavaScript guy

Circumvented CSP for media sources on medium to allow chrome extension to perform necessary functions

2015-10-07 till 2015-12-17

Software Developer at Vacation Innovations:

Member of small team of .NET developers working on products in the timeshare industry.

Analyzed existing applications to identify and resolve defects

Developed ASP.NET MVC application with Quartz.NET to automate data transfer and provide statistics

Performed enhancements to existing applications

2015-03-16 till 2015-09-04

Software Developer at AgriLogic Crop Insurance Services:

Worked primarily on maintenance team to extend or support leagacy system

Investigated and resolved issues with limited knowledge of complex crop insurance system

Resolved assigned tickets with a wide range of complexities

Quickly conformed to software practices used by team

2014-06-10 till 2015-02-18

Software Developer at Infinity Info Systems:

Accomplishments include extending or customizing multiple MSCRM environments, writing tools to support SalesLogix/Infor CRM deployments and developing custom applications. Infinity Info’s clients range from mid-sized to multinational Fortune 500 corporations

Wrote an application that integrated with multiple ads endpoints including Google AdWords, Google Analytics, Facebook and Bing Ads

Developed components of a web based meeting management system for a company that pioneered the development of treatment for patients with rare diseases

Obtained a MS CRM Certification: MS: Microsoft Dynamics Customization and Configuration in CRM 2013 Specialist

2013-12-19 till 2014-05-16

Consultant at Genesis 10:

Outsourced to Stag Parkway, a leading provider of products and services to RV Dealers

Participated in the preparation of the initial project plans and discussions for a major client requested system upgrade

Resolved multiple issues client was experiencing in SSIS packages, ASP.NET MVC web applications and other technologies

Documented critical SSIS ETL packages in preparation for environment upgrade

2005-10-03 till 2013-12-18

Software Engineer/Team Lead at Management Control Systems:

Primary activities included supporting/extending a 24/7 top up (airtime) transaction processing system for leading telecommunication companies.

Led a team of developers

During my tenure, profitability of the platform increased to such a degree that the system was sold by MC Systems to a third party company which continues to grow

Identified and resolved long standing issues in environment, thus increasing environment throughput and by extension system profitability

Used AT commands to request SIM numbers from SIM cards used in POS terminals to allow logistics team to better track their resources in the field

Developed jobs to automate the transfer of balances between merchant accounts across disparate systems based on sale history to reduce merchant complaints

Developed or modified applications to consolidate multiple top up environments thus increasing operational efficiency and allowing merchants to manage their accounts from a centralized system

Integrated multiple additional products into environment to augment core top up business

Participated as a key player in relocation of environment to new hosting site after sale

Deployed instances of the top up environment across the Caribbean


2002-08-16 till 2005-05-01

University of the West Indies, Mona

Bachelor of Science: Computer Science & Electronics (4.0)


Jasmine Chin Memorial Scolarship


University of the West Indies

Merville Campbell Prize


University of the West Indies

Best Performance in Level 1 Mathematics

Level 1 Physics Departmental Prize


University of the West Indies

Best Performance

Karl Robinson Award for Computer Science


University of the West Indies

Best Performance

Level 2 Physics Departmental Prize


University of the West Indies

Best Performance


Front End: HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, jQuery, Kendo UI, Telerik

Backend: PHP, Python, ASP.NET MVC, C#, MSSQL, TSQL, MySQL, C, Quart.NET, LINQ, myBatis.NET, Ninject, Moq

Web Services: WCF, ASMX, Web API

Source Control/ALM: TFS, Git, Jira

Other: Chrome Extensions, Google App Engine, Bamboo, Azure, SQL Server Reporting Services, K2 BlackPearl, Scribe Insight and Online, Jitterbit

  • English
  • Native speaker
  • Spanish
  • Amateur
  • German
  • Learning

Scrabble: Tournaments, Online

Math: Calculus