Alex Lopes

Alex Lopes

Software Developer

15 Harvest Drive, Branchburg, New Jersey, US, NJ 08853
+1 (908) 892-0282




Full stack developer with expertise in process engineering and application development

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Process EngineerBloomberg L.P.

    Jul, 2019 - Present

    End to end design and development of scalable, robust processes and applications

    • Created a system to deliver actionable messages to downstream consumers through a no code, config driven routing and key-value enrichment system for pub-sub messages

    • Drastically reduced custom Groovy scripting required in application back end by interfacing with the applications Java API to create a series of new plugins and config driven systems for low to no code back end development. This added features users needed, reduced technical debt and development time

    • Designed, developed, fully tested and documented a scalable event-based microservice to support generating data processing tasks for one of our largest datasets

    • Gathered requirements and developed a product agnostic, scalable front end for random sampling annotation work with Vue/Javascript - increasing the user base with access to end to end sampling tools

    • Reduced time-to-reindex for a critical user application through enhancements to an archiving system, archiving millions of previously unreachable records in a separate postgres database ultimately reducing reindexing time from over 24 hours to under 4

    • Developed a low-memory generic system for safely querying, formatting, and sending database query results to S3 buckets - this Python CLI application included many features including timeouts and read-only operations for safe, user friendly dynamic reports

  • Earnings Estimates Data AnalystBloomberg L.P.

    Aug, 2018 - Jul, 201911 months

    Product quality related systems development

    • Performed code and design reviews allowing peers to learn and grow (Python, CI, Linux, Git)

    • Worked closely with product owners to develop systems ensuring data quality and completeness by fetching and running algorithms over data from S3 and many internal API's

    • Deployed random sampling automation to better assess the quality of data captured by external parties, allowing us to target areas of improvement

  • Software Engineer Intern (Received offer letter for full time position)Convergent Financial Technologies

    May, 2017 - Aug, 20173 months

    .NET full stack development (C#, Razor, SQL Server, Javascript, JQuery)

    • Synced each client site by migrating database schema from locally managed file to fully managed in SQL Server

    • Increased security by implemented invisible reCAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA V2 into Convergent's platform

    • Engineered the ability for each client site to dynamically add their custom reports to any web page

    • Developed system for E-Mail, FTP, and direct download of live-generated Excel files from user defined XML templates

    • Created SQL tables, new webpages and back end infrastructure to perform complex calculations based on daily mutual fund data



  • Python

    Standard library

    CLI applications



    Pre-commit / Tox

  • Full Stack Development

    Groovy / Java ecosystem

    Javascript / Vue

    Shell scripting (bash)

    SQL (Postgres, SQL Server, Oracle)



  • Mathematical Finance & IT, Double Major, B.S., Seton Hall University

    Aug, 2014 - Jun, 2018

    Magna Cum Laude: 3.8


  • Learning

    Rust lang & WASMLow level computer hardware (build your own CPU)Arduino & other gadgets
  • Passionate About

    Free & open source softwareLinuxProcess design & efficiencySelf learning & development