I am a self-taught developer that's enthusiastic, passionate, enjoys experiencing and learning new things as well as quickly-adapting to new environments and technologies as this helps to contribute to my future endeavours.


Yapily 2019-07-08 —

Software Engineer

Develop and maintain Yapily API's which is connected to over 98% in UK and 80% coverage in Europe. I've Integrated with many institutions +20 (including Paypal, RBS Group, Monzo, UniCredit). Integrated Payment services for new API rollout.


  • Tech stack: Java 8/11, SpringBoot, Jetty, Reactive, PostgresSQL, Hibernate, Docker, k8s, GCP, Jenkins

KMP Digitata, AeroParker 2018-09-03 — 2019-07-02

Java Developer

Develop and maintain AeroParker eCommerce platform by airports across the global. Been in-charge of multiple Restful API in Springboot and done integrations with Salesforce and MailChimp API.


  • Tech stack: Java 8, SpringBoot, Servlets/JSP, Tomcat, Mysql, Jooq, AWS

University of Salford 2011-07-01 — 2014-07-01

Mechanical Engineer

Udacity AWS DeepRacer Machine Learning

Awarded 2019-08-16
by Amazon
This course goes over the reinforcement ML where students participated in a 3-month race aiming for the top in each month by fine-tuning the ML model.

Facebook Scholarship for Udacity Pytorch Deep Learning

Awarded 2018-11-16
by Facebook
This course teaches the fundamentals of Machine Learning, Classification and Deep Learning with Python. Created an Image Classifier for flowers.

Google Scholarship for Udacity Android

Awarded 2018-11-16
by Google
This course teaches the Android Framework with Java which are taught and created by Google.

Software Development

  • Java
  • Springboot
  • SQL
  • Servlets/JSP
  • Android
  • Jooq
  • TDD
  • Git
Native speaker


  • Chess
  • Programming
  • Algo Trading
  • Competitive gaming

Having worked with Divit for a year, I've worked in multiple different capacities with him. Divit has consistently demonstrated great knowledge of java and how best to apply the knowledge he has. He also isn't afraid to admit when there are any holes in his knowledge and quickly remedies this by learning due to his passion to better himself. I would be happy to have him on my team at any point in the future as he is a pleasure to work with.

— Jon Bilburys

Divit proved to be one of the most committed professionals through his work at Aeroparker. He understands complicated issues even when outside of his direct area of expertise. Result driven, experienced and an efficient team player, he always helped me when I was facing difficulties while still developing impressive results. Divit possesses a winning combination of solid tech oriented skills and an incredible passion towards software development. I learned a great deal from him, especially in my early days as a developer. He is a trustworthy individual and I will always hold him in the highest esteem.

— Andrei Tuta