I am a passionate technology leader with a strong emphasis on DevSecOps. I enjoy teaching others and enabling them to create business solutions. I believe in empowering others and leading by example. My strong technical background and unique leadership experience allows me to develop strong technical leaders and tackle challenging organizational problems others avoid. Attitude equal altitude.


State Farm June 2019 — Now

IT Architecture Manager


  • Responsible for Public Cloud as a technical platform for hosting businesses solutions and internal development. Oversight over architecture and future direction for the organization.
  • Architect, and product manager of the public cloud Onboarding program that indoctrinates technical analyst and leaders the fundamentals of public cloud. The program is designed to mitigate risk associated with public cloud usage by teaching technical and non-technical fundamentals, while promoting new behaviors required for public cloud.
  • Responsible for leading a team of developer evangelists and ensuring the State Farm public cloud community is energized, motivated, and sharing knowledge back with one another. The end result is the adoption of an internal open source model that helped a large organization scale out technical knowledge at a rapid rate, while creating a positive learning atmosphere.
  • Responsible for leading the public cloud architecture team, a team composed of software engineers that tackle architectural platform problems and develop technical patterns for mass consumption.

State Farm July 2018 — June 2019

Software Developer


  • Responsible for creating and maintaining the automation architecture pipeline (CI/CD) for enabling internal development teams to be able to leverage public cloud providers' resources. Leveraging resources such as Terraform, Gitlab, Gitlab CI, Kubernetes and Docker.
  • Developed a consumer friendly UI abstraction layer for laying down AWS infrastructure, generating Terraform configuration dynamically, and the respective Gitlab project repository with proper permissions and approvers.
  • Provided architectural advise and review for various teams' application architecture. Helping teams create cloud native solutions and minimize legacy debt when entering the cloud.
  • Coached and mentored traditional infrastructure analyst to be able to leverage tools and resources that allow for immutable infrastructure and infrastructure as code (IaC). Methods used include paired programming, demonstrations/presentations, providing assignments and review sessions.

State Farm August 2017 — July 2018

Software Developer


  • Developed insurance front end applications in an agile environment (SAFe) using Ember.js frame work, jQuery, CSS and HTML5.
  • Implemented applications using continous delivery pipeline, leveraging tools such as Jenkins, UrbanCode, Gitlab and Gitlab CI/CD.

State Farm May 2014 — August 2017

infrastructure Analyst


  • Led a research and implementation project that addressed a security vulnerability and provided a multi-platform solution for the secure shell (SSH) protocol.
  • Coordinated internal and external IT audits, and acted as technical liaison between audit firms and business partners.
  • Responsible for maintaining, configuring and implementing z/OS- TCP/IP, SNA/VTAM and other critical network protocols processes.
  • Analysed business issues and recommend technical network solutions ensuring availability, performance and security is taken into account while addressing the business issue.
  • Coordinated and promoted events to attract new talent in the Mainframe space, resulting in talent hire and continuation of critical skills need in the organization.

Thermo Fischer May 2012 — May 2012

Setup Operator


  • Advanced to Setup operator after 2 months of employment after exceeding in current duties and assignments.
  • Managed employees in packer and picker duties while staying flexible with the heavy demand of orders received.
  • Packed and shipped various scientific research products domestically and intentionally, while ensuring proper temperature and shipping regulations were implemented.

United State Army May 2012 — May 2012

Scout Team Leader


  • Lead Paratroopers into numerous combat and surveillance/intelligence gathering missions in support of operations in Iraq for 8 months.
  • Taught basic/advanced military tactics to the Iraqi military leadership which are still being implemented by Iraqi military forces.
  • Graduate of U.S. Army Ranger School, a premier leadership course.
  • Served as member and leader in scout platoon , conducted reconnaissance, security and other combat operations including humanitarian missions.

Web Development

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • JavaScript
  • Ember.js
  • Hugo
  • Gitlab Pages
  • Domain Management/Administration


  • Docker
  • Kubernetes
  • Gitlab CI
  • Jenkins
  • GitLab
  • Github
  • Git
  • Terraform
  • Packer
  • Vault
  • Consul
  • Sentinel


  • AWS
  • Netlify
  • Google Domains
  • Terraform Cloud
  • z/OS
  • Linux
  • Windows


  • JavaScript
  • Python
  • Go
  • Bash
  • JCL
  • REXX
  • HCL
  • Sentinel

Illinois State University January 2015 — August 2017

Business Administration
Masters (3.5)

Illinois State University August 2012 — May 2015

Telecommunications & Network Management
Bachelor (4.0)

Caterpillar Foundation Scholarship

Awarded September 2014
by Caterpillar
For Academic Excellence

Illinois State University October 2017 — Now

IT Advisory Board - Board Member

Representative from State Farm, advising and providing input to the Illinois State University IT Telecommunication & Networking curriculum . Helping mold the IT program to better prepare future graduates into the professional workforce.

Illinois State University April 2015 — October 2016

IT Advisory Board - Board Member

Representative from State Farm, advising and providing input to the Illinois State University IT curriculum. Helping mold the IT program to better prepare future graduates into the professional workforce.

SIT March 2014 — March 2014


SIT conference volunteer, educating young children in information technology concepts.

State Farm Millennium Girls October 2012 — October 2014


Millennium Girls Group Leader, promoting STEM interest 3rd-7th grade girls


  • Stocks
  • Real Estate
  • Retirement Planning


  • Weight lifting
  • Running