Lacy Morrow
Senior Web Engineer


Lacy Morrow is a lifetime full-stack web and application developer with an outstanding knowledge of back and front-end languages, frameworks and libraries. 15+ years in building scalable, maintainable, marketable web applications. Current preferred stack: NextJS + React, Typescript, GraphQL, Postgresql, Docker Expert in HTML5/CSS3 + (SASS/LESS), Javascript + Node, Python, PHP Responsive design, Cross-browser/device compatibility, SEO, WCAG AAA Accessibility methods and best practices. Creator of pixel-perfect, mobile-first development with graceful degradation and progressive enhancement. Development software includes: Coda, Sublime Text, Django, Flask, NodeJS, Grunt, Wordpress, Foundation/Bootstrap, AngularJS, Laravel, SocialEngine, Joomla!, Drupal, MySQL, Postgres, SSH

Work Experience

Twilio Inc.
San Francisco, CA
November 2017 – November 2022
Senior Web Engineer
Managed Twilio.com and all marketing websites, customer sites, conference sites. Architected systems and deployment processes; developed a React design-system; Managed migration of entire legacy codebases; Implemented regionalization/i18n; Implemented WCAG AAA Accessibility standards. Typescript, React, NextJS, Python, Django, PHP, Postgres, GraphQL, Docker, AWS
San Francisco Bay Area & Charlotte, NC
December 2006 – January 2022
Senior Developer
Full-stack Web Design & Development with 15+ years experience designing and building websites and web apps for desktop and mobile experiences.
San Francisco, CA
February 2017 – September 2017
Senior Web Developer
Develop WordPress plugins and/or themes primarily using PHP + Leverage WordPress APIs and extend the WordPress admin experience. Test solutions across multiple browsers and platforms in a local testing environment. Deploy changes to live servers. Assist in the remediation, enhancement, and maintenance of client sites.
Long Game
San Francisco, CA
March 2016 – November 2016
Full-Stack Developer
Full-Stack Web Developer - Building the initial company prototype app with React.
Palo Alto, CA
January 2016 – March 2016
Web Application Developer / React
Senior Full-Stack Web Developer - Built several React components on a Yahoo stack for the Search and Branded Marketing teams using Tumblr as a data serve API. OpenStack; Apache; Linux; NodeJS; ReactJS
San Francisco, CA
June 2014 – September 2015
Software Engineer
Senior Full-Stack Web Developer - Created and maintained HIPAA-compliant back office software, data science tools, and analytics software as well as the public-facing invitae.com; UX/UI Developer - Developed navigation, modals, and interactions; Made custom WordPress theme; DevOps - Managed database health, configured continuous integration instances, web-hooks, bi-weekly deployments. Created an automated Selenium testing workflow; Tech Interviewer; Python, PHP, MySQL, Django, Flask, Angular, Backbone, React, WordPress, ElasticSearch, NightwatchJS, Git & Mercurial, Docker, Jenkins, Splunk, Apache, AWS EC2, Linux
Appalachian State University
Boone, NC
September 2010 – September 2011
Full-Stack Web Developer
Full-Stack Web Developer - Built internal websites and scheduling software. Helped develop back office software. Created custom CMS framework with PHP, Postgres used by all campus web pages; DevOps - Managed database and handled deployments; PHP, Python, Postgres, MySQL, PHPWebsite, PHPUnit, Git, Apache, Linux
Red Ventures
Rock Hill, SC
March 2010 – August 2010
Web Design Intern
Front-End Web Developer - Created 10+ branded advertising websites and unique user interactions; Created promotional sites and emails. Sliced Photoshop files to create HTML email; PHP, MySQL, Linux


  • January 2020


    Arctic Code Vault Contributor


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Charlotte, NC United States
Charlotte US
(704) 315-5876


  • 2009 2013

    Appalachian State University

    Bachelor of Science (BS)

    Computer Science

    • 2440 - Computer Science
    • 4440 - Artificial Intelligence
    • 4434 - Client-side Web Programming
    • 4435 - Server-side Web Programming
    • 3460 - Data Structures
    • 3430 - Database
    • 3482 - Computer Systems
    • 3490 - Programming Languages
    • 3667 - Software Engineering
    • 2240 - Linear Algebra


Frontend Senior
HTML / JSX / MDX SCSS / CSS / BEM / Styled Components Javascript / Typescript React / Next
Backend Senior
Node Python Postgres Redis Ruby PHP SQL Serverless Microservices
Devops Senior
Docker AWS G Cloud Vercel Netlify Heroku Caching CI/CD Testing
Web Branding Senior
SEO GTM Analytics WordPress
Application Development Senior
Electron Rust Java C/++/#
AI Engineer Evolving
LLMs Neural-networks Tensorflow Vector Databases Prompt Engineer


Electrical Engineering / IoT
Drone Racing / Videography
Open Source


Lacy was hired as a lead developer and, upon the leaving of our co-founder took over as CTO of Earbits. Lacy is, hands down, one of those A Players you hear of companies dying to hire. He is incredibly smart, not just at code but about everything from classical music to Chinese language and culture. Lacy is great to work with and, as a well established contributor to open source projects and several successful ventures, commands the respect of engineers at all levels. I would suggest doing anything you can to have him on your team.

I've had the great pleasure of working with Lacy for the past three years at Earbits, and on a few side projects. Two years ago our CTO left on a moment's notice, Lacy saved our company by quickly stepping up to fill this role. He has been with our company through thick and thin and made serious personal sacrifices in order to help the company during tough times. He is a phenomenal hacker and a true team player. Highly recommended!

Lacy is an extremely talented engineer with a very broad range of skills and experience. From being a thought leader in the front-end community via backbonetutorials.com and cdnjs.com, to designing and implementing the API for cdnjs.com, working with Lacy has been fantastic learning experience. Lacy is truly a full stack develop, and his work output is incredible. If there is any opportunity to work with Lacy, I take it. He is the definition of an A player.

On Lacy Davis ... Hire this guy. Do not be fooled. Incredibly capable and fast. Plays well with others. Unbelievable at front-end work end programming but that is just the start. Visionary. Hire him before I do.