Marc Gavanier

Marc Gavanier

Freelance software engineer

Lyon, FR, 69005
French, English, German




IT engineer, passionate about development, software craftsmanship enthusiast, inspired by clean code, clean architecture, agile development or anything that can help developers improve the delivered value.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Full Stack Engineer, Self employed

    Sep, 2021 - Present

    As developer part of an agile team I contribute to an open source project while improving the code quality following best software engineering practices such as TDD and Clean Architecture

    • Conseiller Numérique France Services: development and maintenance of applications that aims to reduce the digital divide in France

  • Lead Full-stack EngineerAddactis Software

    Jan, 2018 - Sep, 20213 years 8 months

    Working in an agile team as technical lead, I have designed, built and maintained modern web applications with a high level quality standard and a fully automated continuous deployment pipeline. I mainly worked with .net core and Angular and served as a cross-team technical resource for architectural design decisions especially on Angular topics

    • addactis Profitability: lift and shift a monolith into Azure to recycle a well proved and optimized non-life pricing application embodying complex and valuable business logic. Rewriting of more than 300 views using Angular

    • addactis Platform: creation from scratch of a web application that allows to model, plan, plot and process actuarial resources by orchestrating headless data transformation and modeling tools

    • addactis Intuition: development and maintenance of a data visualization application allowing to evaluate in real time the risk/return of strategic decisions based on precomputed models

    • addactis Extranet: development and maintenance of the Addactis Software applications distribution, documentations and online training platform

    • Development of internal Addactis libraries to avoid code duplication between web projects and to promote cross-team development and skill sharing

    • Initiation of Addactis Software Design System project for web products, that helps web designers to maintain Addactis visual identity throughout the software range

    • Definition of the quality requirements of web applications and deployment of tools to enforce them. Code reviews and interventions on critical topics involving advanced features of the Angular framework

    • Design and implementation of of Angular applications architecture for Addactis Software's web products following a domain-oriented approach

    • Study and implementation of a saas platform based on aws and provisioned with terraform which aims to manage cloud based addactis projects maintenance and deployment

  • Full-stack Engineer, Thunder Arrow

    Oct, 2014 - Jan, 20183 years 3 months

    I have co-founded Thunder Arrow and worked as full-stack engineer on building custom made composer and npm libraries collections written on top of Laravel and Angular. Based on our libraries I designed and built web and mobile applications for very demanding projects in terms of financial constraints

    • OEM: Development of a mobile application for field technicians, allowing them to inspect and update configuration values of embedded devices equipped with Bluetooth Low Energy antenna

    • Origamli: Development of a web application for packaging configuration including a WebGL 3D preview and many configuration capabilities such as box formats, pictures, patterns gallery, texts and colors

    • Reader game editor: Development of web application to design gamebook, by creating graph based representation of the various paths composing the story

    • Menuze: Development of a mobile application allowing the translation of menus in restaurants, by locating the customer using the google map API we were able to offer the customer a menu displayed in his native language

    • PWYP: Development of a mobile application for managing discount vouchers and a payment terminal for merchants based on QR codes, allowing customers to apply discounts before the transaction

    • Development of internal Thunder arrow libraries to share a generic code base between our client: over composer 40 modules and extensions for Laravel and over 20 npm module for Angular

    • Branding visual identity and design system based on Bootstrap

  • Web developerPharmanity

    Mar, 2014 - Sep, 20145 months

    For my end-of-study internship I wanted to join a startup working on a web based business. I joined Pharmanity where I was able to improve my skills in back and front development, but also in interface design and integration

    • Development of a tool to process and import the list of pharmacy products and their availability from the pharmacy management software into Pharmanity database

    • Search improvement by adding the services and specialties of pharmacies in search results and by managing the availability of products

    • Results page improvement by indicating the location of nearby Pharmacies corresponding to the searched entity using google map

    • Development of new administration features and pharmacist customizable pages allowing them to present their pharmacy by indicating opening hours, services and specialities

    • SEO improvement by implementing best practices, I obtained good results especially by refactoring url management

    • Study for improving the interface and ergonomics of the website and implementation of the new visual elements

  • Web developerSII Group

    Apr, 2013 - Oct, 20135 months

    For my 4th year internship I wanted to join a large group allowing me to work on a web project using microsoft web technologies. So I joined SII Group where I had the opportunity to work on a large e-commerce site an improve my skills in backend development

    • Analysis and documentation of the website by explaining the hierarchy of projects making up the solution and the links they maintain with each other

    • Extraction of generic ecommerce modules from the website to allow the reuse of certain parts for future clients

    • Participation in the transformation of the e-commerce website into a marketplace to allow sellers to offer their products on the platform

  • Software developerGoProd

    Jun, 2012 - Jun, 201226 days

    I was approached by the ceo of Goprod following a student project allying the sdk kinect and Microsoft XNA Framework, to participate in a proof of concept aiming to propose a new way of interacting with televisions

    • Development of Freemote with Kinect, a software that allows to control TV with gestures or voice. Change channels, adjust the volume, pause a program or turn off the TV with simple gestures or voice

    • Development of MyLight with Kinect, a software that allows to control electronic devices connected to a home automation outlet with a simple gestures or by clapping hands



  • Frontend












    Apache Cordova


  • Backend


    .NET Core

    Entity Framework








  • DevOps


    GitLab CI





  • Storage







  • Game development


    XNA Game Studio

    Kinect SDK

  • Package management





    Docker Hub

  • Tools






    IntelliJ-based IDEs


  • Code quality

    Design patterns


    Clean code

    Clean architecture








  • Methodologies

    Agile Development

    Scrum Framework


    Test driven development

    Continuous Integration

    Continuous Delivery

    Trunk-Based Development

    Semantic Versioning

    Responsive design



  • Computer Engineering - Digital Intelligence and Virtual Reality, Master's degree, Efrei, Engineering School of Information and Digital Technologies

    Oct, 2009 - Sep, 2014

  • Computer Science, Bachelor's Degree in Science, Technology, Health, Mathematics and Computer Science, Université Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée

    Oct, 2009 - Oct, 2012

    Graduate with distinction
  • Computer science, International Immersion, Asia Pacific University of Technology and Innovation (APU / APIIT)

    Sep, 2011 - Dec, 2011

    Valid semester


  • 2nd place - Startup Weekend HandyTech , Startup Weekend

    Awarded on: Nov 19, 2017

    DeafPunk: hearing aid filter configurator for Startup Weekend Lyon Handytech

  • Winner - Startup Weekend MedTech Lyon , Startup Weekend

    Awarded on: Jun 05, 2016

    PsychoChat: chat application between psychologists and their patients that allows real time crisis management

  • Runner up - 101 projets , 101 projets

    Awarded on: Nov 18, 2013

    UniStock: financial algorithms competition platform

  • Runner up - Imagine Cup 2013 , Microsoft

    Awarded on: Apr 30, 2013

    Fatalys: isometric video game with real-time procedural generation of an infinite world

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • President, Efrei Microsoft

    Oct, 2011 - Oct, 2012

    I joined Efrei Microsoft student association where I learned, practiced and shared a lot about Microsoft technologies

    • Support for students on technical subjects related to microsoft technologies

    • Weekly training through small projects to learn more about Microsoft technologies

    • Organization of events on the campus to promote association activities

    • Organization of a conference presented by a Microsoft speaker about kinect and machine learning

  • Fundraiser, Sidaction

    Sep, 2009 - Sep, 2009

    Participation in the solidarity day organized by Efrei to help an association fighting against HIV



  • Hobbyist game developer

    Game jamsScriptingDrawing3D modeling
  • Sports

    RunningHikingSkiHorse ridingJudo