Embedded Linux enthusiast, who like to explore the possibilities in digital technology and to learn, create and play with it. For me, being a software engineer is more like a passion and an art-form. It went from one of my biggest hobbies to my favorite profession. I like to push the barrier for what's possible, and thereby expand my knowledge.

Mobitec AB LTG 2012-11-01 — 2016-03-01

Embedded software design engineer

Mobitec is an automotive digital signage company, part of the Luminator Technology Group. They creates solutions for public transport industry. Some of the main products are the indoor TFT-sign to show the current route and destinations('MobiSCREEN'). Outdoor destination LED-signs('Ultima') and Complete web interface to manage all the signs in the busses('MobitecAccessWeb').


  • Working as a embedded-software teamleader.
  • Being the head software design engineer for the embedded ARM Linux platforms.
  • Including the TFT (Mobiscreen) ARM- Linux platform. This platform has grown big and being used as a base for other companies in the LTG group such as Lawo and Mobitec Brasil.
  • Including the Ultima-IP, ARM Linux platform where we created (the world first?) Linux based LEDsign for the automotive industry.
  • I developed realtime drivers such as a framebuffer-driver that communicated with the hardware components such as LED-drivers and configuration ICs.
  • Also drivers for backlight handling, overheat protection and powerconsumtion limitation, using busses as spi, i2c, gpio, pwm, and rs232.
  • Developed network communication infrastructure and diagnostics support.
  • Developed serverbackend tools for videotranscoding.

Umeå University 2011-08-01 — 2012-11-01

Assistent Teacher / Supervisor

Parallel to my studies I was working as an Assistant Teacher / Supervisor at Umeå University, where I was correcting tests, giving feedbacks and answering questions from the students. This was in the course Linux server administration and Linux as a development environment.

Kungsholms Foto AB 2008-06-01 — 2011-11-07

Shop assistant, Salesperson, IT-Manager

Addition to my role as a Salesperson, I took care of all IT-related tasks. I created a small order management system in php and mysql and tools to send newsletters and order order confirmations to customers.

Japan Photo AB 2006-07-01 — 2008-05-31

Shop assistant, Salesperson

Me and my college where managing a Photo/Camera store in Skövde, I also worked in Japan Photo store - Gothenburg.

Kunskapskällan 2014-11-01 — 2015-11-01


I was a guest-teacher a couple of time lecturing about Linux at Kunskapskällan, for last year students of upper secondary school. I was lecturing about working with the Linux platform and embedded systems. I also talked about my own hobby projects. My main goal with the lectures was to inspire and educate the students about the fun and creative part of being a software engineer.

Umeå Univerity 2010-08-01 — 2012-08-01

independent courses


  • 5EL047 Linux Server Administration
  • 5EL142 Linux As Development Enviorment
  • 2IN045 Opensource Software: Product, Process, Practice
  • 5EL014 Microcomputer In Embedded Systems
  • 5EL182 Linux In Embedded Systems
  • 5EL184 Drivers In Linux
  • 5EL186 Linux As Operative System

Mittuniversitetet 2010-08-01 — 2012-08-01

Independent course


  • DT065G Systemprogramming In Unix/Linux

Linne University 2010-08-01 — 2012-08-01

Independent courses


  • 1DV434 Object Orientated Programming In C++

University of Skövde 2011-08-01 — 2012-08-01

Independent course


  • DA217G Procedurell programmering G1N

University of Skövde 2005-08-01 — 2007-01-20

Software development - Game development Programme


  • PAA102 Programming methodology (C++)
  • MYA261 Game analys
  • MYA451 Computer Graphics I
  • DAA181 Project in Game Development
  • DAB111 Computer Graphics - Implementation and algorithms
  • PAB402 Software development - Game development
  • DAA201 Low level programmering

University of Skövde 2004-08-01 — 2005-06-01

Natural and Technology orientend base year

Viskastrands gymnasiet 2000-08-01 — 2003-06-01

Electrical engineering programme with focus on IT

Programming languages

  • C / C++
  • Python
  • PHP
  • Bash Shellscript
  • SQL
  • Assembly

Specialized in Linux -

  • Embedded systems and microprocessors
  • Real-time applications
  • Drivers
  • Server administration
  • Open source software

Tools and documentation

  • IDE: Codelite, Code Composer Studio, Pysharm, Eclipse
  • Test and Debugging: Cunit, valgrind, gdb, kgdb
  • Documentation: Doxygen, mediaWiki, Markdown

Embedded knowledge

  • Developed drivers using buses as USB, SPI, RS232, I2C, GPIO, PWM, ADC
  • Cross debugging and compiling
  • Linux Kernel
Native speaker

References and grade-certificates will be supplied on demand.