Evan Sherwood


Location: Alameda, California, United States
E-mail: evan@sherwood.io
Phone: 571.296.3773
GitHub: GitHub
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Evan loves making software. He's self-taught himself from HTML for Dummies (1995) all the way to being a Principal Architect and Team Lead for a website serving millions of users across the United States--and he is always hungry to learn more. He understands code is written for other humans--not computers--and strives to discover readable, expressive solutions. He likes clear and constant communication, finding and delivering on the intersection of wants and needs across departments, and helping others grow.


GovOS (formerly Kofile Inc)

Principal Architect / Team Lead

Dec 2016 - Present

GovOS Cloud Search is a turn-key, modular, multi-tenant solution for US County governments to install to serve documents (property titles, birth certificates, etc.) for search and purchase. GovOS Cloud Search processes millions of documents per county and millions more users come to the sites daily.

  • Designed and built isomorphic React user interfaces and public APIs using a unique universal Redux actions pipeline over WebSockets & RxJS
  • Co-designed microservice backend with most services running NodeJS, Postgres, RabbitMQ, and REST
  • Led hiring for UI developers and mentored through pair-programming, brown-bag presentations, and documentation
  • Liaised between Design, Product, and Engineering teams to find optimal solutions to maximize user value while delivering on-schedule


Senior Full-Stack Developer

Jun 2015 - Oct 2016

ZeroCater offers painless in-office catering for small-medium businesses. Employees can set dietary preferences and/or restrictions individually and ZeroCater will automatically collate that input into an order that accomodates everyone's needs and preferences.

  • Developed the prototype for the "marketplace" concept, which eventually replaced the curated menus as the primary product offering
  • Led the transition of UI from Angular to React
  • Liaised between the back-end team (Django) and the front-end team to define and implement the API gateway

GoodShop (formerly GoodSearch)

Senior Full-Stack Developer

Aug 2013 - Mar 2015

GoodShop allows users to search for and purchase products from a myriad of various storefronts, applying discounts for the user but redirecting commissions from their purchases towards the charity of the user's choice. Users can support a cause they believe in with minimal changes to their online shopping behavior.

  • Liaised between Engineering, UI/UX Design, and Product teams, offering insights and feedback to ensure features shipped met the needs of the product managers and the designers while also not incurring undue burden on the engineers
  • Developed features in back-end (Ruby on Rails) and front-end (BackboneJS). Pair-programmed daily to mentor junior developers and/or onboard new-hires


Full-Stack Web Developer

May 2013 - Aug 2013


Full-Stack Web Developer

Aug 2011 - Apr 2013

Rent Direct New York

Full-Stack Web Developer / Operations Engineer / IT Support

Aug 2008 - Aug 2011


Colgate University

Bachelor of Arts in English

Aug 2003 - Jun 2007


Evan is a true "10xer"--whether you need someone to architect an elegant, scalable design, or troubleshoot the gnarliest of bugs, you definitely want Evan on your team. I've learned more from building software with Evan than anyone else in my career.
Ethan Stark
Under Evan's competent guidance our team improved the lives of millions of users and produced elegant and reliable solutions to nuanced problems. His grounded energy and positive management style always balanced the needs of the team against our strengths as individuals. Under his leadership, I felt empowered to produce work that I'm proud of and I've grown immensely as an engineer during our time together. Overall he's a joy to work with and I'm confident he'll outperform your expectations at every turn.
Rachel Ralston
Evan is a top notch engineer with an attention to detail and a thirst for perfection. He led my team at Kofile (now GovOS) for several years and with his guidance we built several production apps from the ground up with clean and scalable codebases. He would be an asset on any team and brings a wealth of Javascript knowledge to the table.
Joey Gomez-Benito
Evan was my manager when I worked at Kofile (now GovOS). He is definitely an expert in building web applications, including technologies like React and its ecosystem. Apart from that, I was always impressed by Evan's pursuit and insistence on better design and cleaner code. That attitude inspires me to be a better engineer. I'd highly recommend Evan for any engineering team.
Blair Wu



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