Senior Frontend Engineer at GitLab and cellist based out of Woodstock, Ontario. Fascinated with building usable, delightful software. Remote work advocate.

Stack Overflow

GitLab 2018-12-10 —

Senior Frontend Engineer

I build features that help people release software more quickly, easily, and effectively.


  • Implemented high-profile features such as Let's Encrypt integration, merge trains, deploy freezes, DORA 4 metrics, and markdown editor keyboard shortcuts
  • Pushed Release vision forward through in-depth technical and business analysis
  • Reviewed and guided community contributions
  • Maintainer of gitlab-org/gitlab
  • Performed technical and behavioral interviews
  • Worked 100% remotely

DeltaWare 2016-08-03 — 2018-12-05

Project Architect

I led efforts to rebuild legacy healthcare software as modern web applications with an emphasis on maintainability and usability.


  • Led AngularJS to Angular 2+ conversion
  • Implemented fast, intuitive searching using Solr
  • Pushed for CI, code reviews, UX/UI mockups, open source participation, and documentation
  • Contributed to hiring, mentoring, and product vision

DuPont Pioneer 2013-05-20 — 2016-07-20

Software Development Specialist

I designed a modular frontend system that allowed multiple teams to independently build a web application used by farmers to optimize fertilizer usage.


  • Built mapping features using Leaflet and Bing Maps
  • Rebuilt Gulp builds to maximize developer efficiency
  • Implemented an automated TypeScript unit testing framework using PhantomJS, Karma, and Jasmine
  • Enforced coding standards using NDepend and TSLint

Visual Logic Group 2013-01-15 — 2013-05-01

UX Development Intern

Dordt University 2012-01-20 — 2013-05-10

Web Developer

DuPont Pioneer 2012-05-20 — 2012-08-05

Software Development Intern

SnupNow 2011-04-15 — 2011-08-05

Web Development Intern

Iowa State University 2015-08-01 — 2019-08-15

Human-Computer Interaction

Dordt University 2009-08-01 — 2013-05-10

Computer Science


  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Dart
  • C♯
  • Ruby
  • SCSS
  • SQL


  • Vue.js
  • Angular
  • React
  • Flutter
  • Rails
  • WPF


  • Continuous integration/deployment (CI/CD)
  • Automated testing
  • REST/GraphQL API design
  • Cross-browser debugging
  • Responsive design
  • Developer workflow optimization
  • Single Page Applications (SPAs)
  • Internationalization (i18n)