Rick Osborne
Cloud & Mobile Engineering Force Multiplier


Web software professional since 1995. Leadership, Education, Architecture, Development, Exploration, Research.

Work Experience

Roche Sequencing Solutions
SF Bay Area, CA, US
Cloud Software Medical Devices
August 2015 – July 2022
Senior Principal Software Architect II
Multi-product and multi-program architecture, team leadership, and prototype development for cloud software medical devices and related clinical biomarker applications.
  • Leadership: Senior-most software engineer and technical lead on multiple projects and teams.
  • Education: Evangelist for engineering iteration, including slide decks, reference docs, deep dive videos, etc.
  • Architecture: Primary source of software engineering vision, and collaborative source for execution, across several cloud software products, projects, and programs.
  • Development: Pre-alpha prototyping of emerging technologies, primarily Java- and AWS-based; proof-of-concept implementations of disruptive singularities; heavy-lift spikes.
Rocket Fuel, Inc.
SF Bay Area, CA, US
Ad Tech
August 2013 – August 2015
Rocket Scientist (Front-End Engineering Manager)
Co-manager over a team of ~40 front-end software engineers working on internal tools for ad tech management.
  • Leadership: Senior software engineer over a team split between new-grad junior engineers and senior-level international contractors.
  • Education: Source of arcane technical Web, browser, and data ethics knowledge for ~20 new-grad junior engineers.
  • Architecture: One of a handful of senior engineers collaborating without a dedicated architect to provide application roadmaps and execution plans.
  • Development: Ongoing code contributor on a sprawling internal tools codebase on a Ruby on Rails tech stack and custom continuous delivery pipeline.
Program Manager
Designed and ran the Web Design & Development degree programs, both campus and online, and co-designed and co-ran the Mobile Development degree programs.
  • Leadership: Managed two integrated teams totaling ~40 faculty, including major instructional design overhauls of the two degrees and their programs.
  • Education: Started as a teacher in back-end Web courses, got my M.S., and presented at a number of workshops to disseminate that knowledge to my faculty peers.
  • Architecture: Rewrote an aging Flash-based Web degree to a modern cloud stack, and built out the Mobile degrees, including instructional design, lesson planning, and assignment generation for many courses across both programs.
  • Development: Single-handed-ly built out the university's first student data analytics Web visualization platform, to help educators gain insights into student and course performance and issues.
Dixon Ticonderoga
Art & Writing Supplies, Manufacturing
June 2005 – July 2009
Web Development Lead
Sole Web developer for this 200-year-old writing and art supplies manufacturing company, primarily focused on mainframe integration, budget planning, and sales analytics visualization.
Creative Data Concepts
Internet Service Provider & Web Development
2003 – 2005
Lead Web Programmer
Sole in-house Developer, Database Administrator, and Network Administrator for several systems.
Mojo Interactive
Web Development
2000 – 2002
Lead Web Programmer
Phoenix International
Internet Banking Software
1998 – 2000
Senior Web Developer
Northrop-Grumman Corp.
US Government Contracting
1996 – 1998
Web Developer


  • Should I Create A Ticket?: Snarky one-page site you can link to in group chat whenever someone asks the inevitable question.
  • words.supply: Geek-oriented wordlist, dictionary, and identifier generator web app, intended for projects which need URL- and human-safe random word generators.
  • ricko.is Bounce: Bare bones link shortener I created for myself to use, but which has gone through a number of tech stack iterations over the years.



Team Leadership advanced
vision communication mentorship guidance
Front-End Web master
html css javascript typescript ux
Cloud Engineering advanced
aws java typescript data modeling
Mobile Engineering intermediate
android java


tabletop RPGs
gaming social creativity collaboration empathy
board games
gaming strategy tactics social instruction cooperation
console gaming, open-world RPGs
gaming strategy tactics problem solving
web mobile gaming data
fiction creativity research perspective