Roland Sharp

Roland Sharp


Melbourne, Victoria, AU
English, French




I've been writing Node.js and TypeScript professionally for over 5 years now. I like playing around with linux, open source software, and crypto trading bots. I'm the creator of a popular node package that has over 4.2k stars on github called resume-cli, and the co-founder of the open source resume standard JSON Resume which was used to create this resume.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Node.js Developer and data engineer

    Apr, 2021 - Nov, 20216 months

    Sifchain is a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange. I spent my time there building out the majority of the open source client SDK in typescript https://github.com/rolandnsharp/ClientSDK and the public facing data API https://data.sifchain.finance/beta/docs/ . I also expanded my SQL knowledge into more complex aggregate queries, worked with the Etherium and Cosmos JavaScript APIs, and deployed and troubleshooted the AWS lambda functions.

  • Senior Node.js Developer

    Apr, 2018 - Mar, 201910 months

    Blockbid was an Australian cryptocurrency exchange. I maintained and built out the API gateway and built the initial market starting arbitrage bot. I also did a lot of data work with the Postgres databases. The API gateway was built with TypeScript, GraphQL, TypeORM, Redis, used JWTs and TOTP multi factor authentication.

  • Systems Engineer

    Sep, 2017 - Apr, 20186 months

    At Everledger I worked on a zero knowledge query service operating between a consortium of competing corporations. Sounds complicated and it was! I had the help of three QUT computer science professors and an IBM engineer to succeed at being the first company to use the Hyperledger blockchain in production. The product utilized homomorphic encryption and a private blockchain to achieve immutable audit logs. The project was a large collection of Node.js microservices that consisted of over 15 Docker containers which were all orchestrated with Docker Compose. I did all of the Dockerisation work, built many of the node microservices, and deployed it all to an IBM supercomputer. All chaincode was written in Golang by me. I also did some support work on the React frontend.

  • Node.js Developer

    May, 2016 - Aug, 20171 year 2 months

    At Adimeo I helped build the server for laplateforme.com which is the largest building construction hardware store chain in France. I took on a senior role as I mentored PHP developers to use modern JavaScript practices. We used Node.js, Express.js, Mocka.js, MYSQL. I also did support work on the Angular.js frontend.

  • Node.js Developer

    Dec, 2014 - Feb, 20161 year 2 months

    At Lighthuse my job was to build the main REST API server that was used to coordinate beacon location tracking for Android phones that were carried by cleaners and security guards. Using Node.js, Express, MongoDB, Mongoose, async, lodash.

  • Junior Node.js Developer

    May, 2013 - Nov, 20141 year 5 months

    At PNI I worked on geo-monitoring applications using Node.js, Angular.js and MYSQL. I wrote Node.js modules that queried, sorted, calculated, transformed and returned various meteorological and geological data from the mining industry. I also maintained over 500 end-to-end and unit tests for one of the larger Node.js applications.

  • Co-founder

    - Present

    JSON Resume is a community driven open source initiative to create a JSON based standard for resumes. I built the popular (3.8K stars on GitHub) resume-cli tool and worked heavly on the registry Node.js server.



  • Web Development





    Ruby on Rails









  • Science and Art, Bachelor, University of Queensland

    Jan, 2011 - Dec, 2012

    Linear Algebra

    Static and Dynamic Forces

    Introduction to Electrical Engineering

    Critical Reasoning and Formal Logic

    Introduction to Neuroscience

    Kant and European Philosophy

    Philosophy of Art

    Introduction to Philosophy

    Introduction to Statistics

    Writing for Engineers



  • Thomas Davis

    I’ve known Roland for many years, and had the privilege of working closely with him at Blockbid, an Australian crypto currency exchange. Together we built out an API gateway which fronted a distributed system with Kubenetes on AWS. We used Open API v3 to define a schema for our public facing API, we built a custom schema validator which filtered out unexpected requests and responses improving security and consistency. We used JWT’s to authenticate users on different microservices by passing them around with associated jobs in RabbitMQ. On top of this we managed to also support GraphQL and namely our own Apollo client frontend. He is excellent at Javascript/Typescript, writes readable, terse, documented and modular code.