I'm a Software Engineer with a Computer Science background, working in the industry since 2009. Thrilled by the start-up world, I'm an enthusiastic developer, proficient in getting things done. I never turn down a good challenge and I'm always seeking to learn. On the free time, I'm a life lover by nature, regular diver and traveller explorer.


Perx 2019-08-01 —

Senior Software Engineer

Perx is a lifestyle marketing platform. We bring no bad experiences


  • Backend lead

FirstTouch 2016-10-01 — 2019-01-01

CTO / Co-founder

FirstTouch is a Football network that brings together football professionals and clubs, easing the career managing and the interaction between teams and its resources.


  • CTO / Co-founder
  • Full-stack developer with sysadmin responsibilities
  • RoR for the backend
  • VUE.js for the frontend

OpsManager 2014-04-08 — 2019-06-30

Lead Software Engineer

Lead Software Engineer/Developer. Working as full stack developer, with special focus on frontend, as well as responsible for the whole software development cycles, upon agreement with the client. Currently using frameworks such as Knockout, and previously Backbone. OpsManager relies heavily in indexedDB to support the offline capabilities of the web application


  • Lead Engineer
  • Maintenance and development of the offline-capable web application
  • Development of the Android application for on-site data collection

Intelllex 2015-09-10 — 2016-02-01

Freelance Full-Stack Developer

Developed frontend and backend for case search module using Ruby on Rails (backend) and Knockout.js (frontend). Integrated the case search module with their other existing modules.


  • Full-stack developer
  • Described and implemented development workflow for newcomers
  • Sysadmin work setting up and documenting the production environment deploy

SMART (MIT alliance) 2011-11-22 — 2014-04-07

Senior Software Engineer

Full stack developer, as well as technology advisor for research support.


  • Developed fully working web platform for people's mobility data collection (FMSurvey) in a partnership with LTA (Land Transport Authority)
  • Management of the development of both iOS and Android mobile applications used for the data collection

Ubiwhere, Lda 2010-09-08 — 2011-11-01

Software Engineer

Software developer both for the main company and as outsourced resource.


  • Development of Android mobile application in the context of Birdwatching
  • While outsourced working for PT Inovação, as Java developer: maintained and developed the SMS platform used by several network providers such as TMN, Meditel and CVMovel; Started developing automated tests on the platform using Ruby

Ubiwhere, Lda 2009-09-01 — 2010-09-01

Trainee Software Engineer

Master thesis in company environment


  • Development of a mobile application for guiding blind people in cities, Blind City Guide, in the context of Master's thesis in AI for Ubiquitous Systems.
  • Development of a keyboard solution for touchscreens to be used by visually impaired, using QT
  • Development of a social application for SonyEricsson mobile contest using javaME
  • Beta-testing of on-going development applications

University of Coimbra 2011-06-01 — 2014-01-01

Computer Science


  • Artificial Intelligence for Ubiquitous Computing

Politechnika Bialostocka 2008-09-22 — 2009-06-01

Computer Science
Master's exchange program


  • Cryptography
  • Robotics
  • Methods of Modelling

University of Coimbra 2005-09-15 — 2008-06-01

Computer Science


  • OOP
  • Network Systems
  • AI Introduction
  • Operating Systems
  • Distributed Systems

IDA's Best Government Data Mash-Up

Awarded 2013-09-29
by IDA Singapore
Best use of any government dataset from another agency in combination with EMA & SP's datasets

Battery Patterns and Forecasting in a Large-scale Smartphone-based Travel Survey 2014-09-21

Published by International Conference on Transport Survey Methods (ISTCST 2014)
Native speaker
Full professional
Professional working

Scuba Diving

  • Divemaster


  • story_branch gem - create branches from ticket titles. creator and core maintainer
  • ros-apartment gem - dropin replacement for deprecated apartment gem. Core maintainer


  • Football
  • Handball
  • Tennis