Stephanie Frantz

Stephanie Frantz





I'm a passionate dreamer and creator obsessed with finding ways to do things better, faster, and more efficiently. I am flexible and versatile and I'm able to maintain a sense of humor under pressure.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Digital Delivery LeadCengage Learning

    Oct, 2015 - Present

    As a Digital Delivery Lead working for Cengage, I work on disciplines like economics, psychology, humanities and science creating digital textbooks and coursework packages. From the author to the student, I work end to end with my team to build digital courses that include assets such as quizzes, videos, podcasts, and games. I am regularly innovating and problem-solving by creating scripts, tools, programs and refining these complex processes for the entire team's benefit.

    • Tasked to help with urgent projects such as Flash to HTML5 conversions, GDPR Updates, and Thin Slice testing audits.

    • Continued support on products by implementing changes, fixes, and updates for products that are live to customers.

    • Created efficencies by developing tools using VBA, Python, Javascript, or Groovy.

    • Consulted by other internal teams to find process improvements, refinements and automations

    • Conducted numerous training sessions for 60+ people as well as one-on-ones, in-person or via zoom meetings.

    • Provided documentation and training for both internal teams as well as eternal documentation for stakeholders and vendors.

  • Production LeadMCM Learning

    Oct, 2014 - Oct, 20151 year

    • Developed XML to produce a total of over 10,000 published pages that adhered to MIL-STD-40051-B for the M60 AVLB.

    • Completed updates and edits in full book PDFs using Adobe Acrobat and Adobe Illustrator.

    • Confirmed PDF finalization using Adobe Distiller as well as Adobe Acrobat’s preflight reports and fixes.

    • Responsible for all phases of the development starting at initial kick-off to delivering the final reproducible copy (FRC).

    • Managed, defined, and prioritized simultaneous work packages through the technical manual development process.

    • Worked closely with illustration lead and writer lead to produce quality deliverable material for the customer.

    • Maintained full duties as the sole publisher for entire project.

    • Formalized documentation and technical review processes.

    • Successfully developed and implemented an interdepartmental standardized style guide and other new documentation sets that are used office-wide.

    • Established procedures to standardize processes and eliminate waste.

    • Managed operations involving the creation and production of military publication technical manuals.

    • Server administrator for EMS Next Generation publishing software, PTC Arbortext, and FlexNet Publisher software license manager.

    • Authored and edited troubleshooting work packages based on legacy flowcharts and tables in Method A and B styles.

  • Desktop PublisherVSE Corporation

    Jul, 2012 - Sep, 20142 years 2 months

    • Use XML to complete initial entry and check changes according to redline markups.

    • Managed and maintained multiple book changes and updates simultaneously from kick-off to FRC.

    • Oversee the printing and assembling full a TM publish, preparing running sheets, creating a LOGSA compliant full publish PDF and placing all appropriate files on CD/DVD for delivery.

    • Responsible for PDF adjustments prior to FRC delivery using Adobe Acrobat and Illustrator in cases where EMS NG publishing client has errors in creating an appropriate output.

    • Helped the writers’ efforts to collect and input data in documents such as the issue tracker, caveat sheet and global lists.

    • Managed the publishing software by creating and updating documents such as the paper layout and publishing matrix.

    • Fully responsible for adjusting pagination, publishing single work packages or a full manual, properly distilling the final full document, doing preflight checks and ensuring that a document is LOGSA compliant for a manual’s delivery.

    • Identifying and reporting issues with EMS NG publisher for problems that are not MIL-STD compliant.

    • Supportive of all efforts; staying involved with technical writers through all steps of a manual’s process.

    • Personally investigated complications and proposed solutions for delivery including preflight, postscripting, distilling, Unicode mapping issues, LOGSA approved fonts, usage of different software such as Acrobat, Distiller, Illustrator, and Enfocus PitStopPro, and using TACOM’s preflight profile.

    • Involved in projects ranging from the M871 Trailer Series, Biological Integrated Detection System, Volcano Mine Dispenser, Warping Tug, and M88A1/A2 Hercules.

  • Technical Illustrator & Text/Graphics Integrator 1O'Neil and Associates

    Aug, 2011 - Mar, 20127 months

    • Helped O’Neil deliver MIL-STD compliant two-level maintenance technical manuals to the client totaling over 30,000 pages

    • Proofread and updated manuals according to redline markups. Adjusted pagination with published manuals

    • Accomplished complex tasks from kickoff to delivery. Analyzed review findings and proposed corrective action to satisfy customer requirements

    • Participated in customer TM review and verification. Assisted in preparation of documents for delivery to the client

    • Involved in publishing books including the M9ACE, Large and Small Tug, Barge Derrick, ROWPU, and M939

    • Created and altered drawings of objects as specifications given by technical writer using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator

    • Worked directly with proofreaders and editors to develop accurate documentation with graphical representation

    • Experienced with different technical graphical visuals including: Exploded-view parts illustrations, maintenance and repair illustrations, operation illustrations, cutaways, phantom views, schematic diagrams, photo to line art conversions, and wiring diagrams



  • Web Development
  • Databases
    SQL ServerMS AccessMySQLOracle DatabaseAS/400 Query
  • Scripting
    Windows CMDPowerShellJIRA Groovy AutomationVBA
  • Ancient History and Brief Exposures
  • Publication Specifications
    MIL-HDBK-1222EMIL-STD-2361DMIL-STD-40051-BMIL-STD-38784AAR 25-30ASME Y14.38-1999TB 750-93-1The Chicago Manual of Style (16th Edition)U.S. Government Printing Office Style Manual 2008TACOM Deployment Equipment (DE) Logistics Publications Style GuideMicrosoft Manual of Style (4th Edition)


  • Relevant Education and Coursework, Self-Directed Study, TeamTreehouse

    Aug, 2019 - Present

    JavaScriptReact.jsComputer Science
  • Relevant Education and Coursework, Self-Directed Study, ed2go

    Mar, 2019 - May, 2019

  • Relevant Education and Coursework, Self-Directed Study, ed2go

    Nov, 2016 - Mar, 2017

  • Relevant Education and Coursework, Associate Level, Macomb Community College

    Oct, 2013 - Dec, 2013

  • Relevant Education and Coursework, Masters Level, Kaplan University

    Jul, 2011 - Aug, 2011

    Critical Concepts and Competencies for the IT Professional
  • Science and Information Technology with emphasis on Web Development, Bachelors, Kaplan University

    Sep, 2009 - Mar, 2011

    4.0 GPA
    Systems Analysis and DesignE-CommercePHPActionScriptAdobe FlashCSSSpreadsheet Appliations
  • Liberal Arts, Associates, Macomb Community College

    Aug, 2006 - May, 2009

    3.59 GPA
    Oracle SQLDatabase DesignMicrosoft Office ApplicationsNetworkingJavascriptVB ScriptVisual BasicDynamic HTMLCSS
  • Computer Information Systems, Certification, Career Preparation Center (Vocational-Technical School)

    Jan, 2004 - Jan, 2006



  • A+ Certification CompTIA

    Awarded on: May 12, 2011

    (Expired May 12, 2014)

  • Competent Communicator Award Toastmasters

    Awarded on: Oct 19, 2018