Melbourne, , AU



I'm a full stack web developer who can build apps from the ground up. I've worked mostly at startups so I am used to wearing many hats. I am a very product focussed developer who priotizes user feedback first and foremost. I'm generally very flexible when investigating new roles.



HTML / JSX SCSS / CSS / BEM / Styled Components Javascript / Typescript React / Next Redux / Apollo


Node Ruby Python Postgres Redis Serverless


AWS G Cloud Heroku Caching


Software Engineering (incomplete) , Bachelors - The University of Queensland

February 2008 - December 2009


Defender of the Internet - Fight For The Future



Music / Jamming

Reading / Writing

Open Source


Thomas was hired as a lead developer and, upon the leaving of our co-founder took over as CTO of Earbits. Thomas is, hands down, one of those A Players you hear of companies dying to hire. He is incredibly smart, not just at code but about everything from classical music to Chinese language and culture. Thomas is great to work with and, as a well established contributor to open source projects and several successful ventures, commands the respect of engineers at all levels. I would suggest doing anything you can to have him on your team.

- Joey Flores, Co-founder and CEO of Earbits, Inc.

I've had the great pleasure of working with Thomas for the past three years at Earbits, and on a few side projects. Two years ago our CTO left on a moment's notice, Thomas saved our company by quickly stepping up to fill this role. He has been with our company through thick and thin and made serious personal sacrifices in order to help the company during tough times. He is a phenomenal hacker and a true team player. Highly recommended!

- Yotam Rosenbaum, SVP of Operations, Earbits, Inc.

Thomas is an extremely talented engineer with a very broad range of skills and experience. From being a thought leader in the front-end community via and, to designing and implementing the API for, working with Thomas has been fantastic learning experience. Thomas is truly a full stack develop, and his work output is incredible. If there is any opportunity to work with Thomas, I take it. He is the definition of an A player.

- Ryan Kirkman, Senior Software Engineer at Nerdwallet

On Thomas Davis... Hire this guy. Do not be fooled. Incredibly capable and fast. Plays well with others. Unbelievable at front-end work end programming but that is just the start. Visionary. Hire him before I do.

- Greg Davis