Tom Hermann

I am a passionate developer focused on delivering high quality, maintainable solutions with my team.

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API Development
Spring Boot, Monitoring / Production Readiness, Identity Provider Integrations, Reactive Programming, Event Driven
Automated Testing, Dependency Injection, Wallet Integrations, Push Notifications, Analytics
Continous Flow, Iterative Development Methodolgies
CI/CD Pipelines, Docker, Kubernetes


World Wide Technology

Principal Engineer Mar 2020 - Present

Devloper advocate focused on training, recruiting, and maintaing great developer talent at my organization. Focus on advancing the state of Kotlin, Spring, Android, and Java development within our internal communities.

World Wide Technology

Financial API Developer Jul 2021 - Feb 2022

Created APIs for a finanical client using microservice architecture, to monitor the status of transactions. Technologies: Spring Boot, Spring Security, Java, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Splunk, Grafana, Prometheus.

World Wide Technology

Android and Java Developer Jul 2019 - May 2021

Built custom plugins for the Android Tactical Assault Kit, a military situational awareness tool. Built a sensor integration platform that uses Docker, InfluxDB, Spring Boot, Spring Security, Spring Integration, MQTT, Kotlin, and Grafana to collect, visualize, and forward data from supported sensors.

World Wide Technology

Kotlin Web Service Developer - Quick Service Food API Apr 2019 - Jul 2019

Worked with teams in New York, London, and Denver to create an ecommerce backend for mobile applications and a POS system. Integrates with Google Pay and Apple Pay via Payeezy. Technologies: Docker, Kubernetes, Spring Boot, Kotlin, GitLab CI, and Auth0.

World Wide Technology

Android Development Lead - Quick Service Food App Sep 2018 - Jul 2019

Tech Lead for native Android quick service food app. Allowed users to customize an order, pay with Google Pay, a gift card, or credit card, and then pick it up in the store. Technologies: Firebase Crash Reporting, Android SDK, Google Maps, Kotlin, ViewModel, Room, ConstraintLayout, Auth0, and RxKotlin.

Asynchrony Labs

Android Development Lead - Retail Pizza App Aug 2016 - Sep 2018

Lead a team of five on on an Android app that can customize and place pizza orders. Installed by over five million users, and top ranked in the food/drink category on the Play Store. Uses heavy RxJava, numerous analytics integrations, and push notifications with GCM managed by Leanplum.

Asynchrony Labs

Android Engineer - National Cafe/Bakery App Oct 2015 - Aug 2016

Served as developer and tech lead for a native Android application that allows you to customize and place orders at a popular cafe/bakery. Supported a very flexible menu where items can go out of stock during a business day. Worked with client backend team to regularly deliver product updates, and to switch over to a new API. Supported mixed credit card and gift card payment, promo codes, storing favorite items and orders Technologies: Google Maps, Java, Android SDK, Content Providers, ORMLite, Crashlytics, Google Analytics, PayPal SDK.

Asynchrony Labs

Android Team Lead - Barcode Scanning App Feb 2015 - Oct 2015

Tech Lead for native Android application that integrated with a Motorola TC70 Handheld scanner. Integrated with hardware bardcode scanner via EMDK to scan barcodes. The application worked offline, and allowed users to scan bags of seed to determine if they should be discarded or saved for the next season. The user could enter additional information about the inventory and it would synchronize when the device came online.

Asynchrony Labs

Mobile Field Kit - Java Developer Feb 2012 - Jul 2015

Developed a suite of applications designed to help first responders assist with chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive material threats. The platform serves as a situational tool and sensor integration platform, integrating: chat, GIS, sensor information, and a variety of other tools requested by the users.

CARFAX Banking and Insurance Group

Java API, Web Developer Jan 2009 - Feb 2012

Worked with a team of four developers. Created Spring APIs enabling third parties to request vehicle history information. Reimplemented the website, including file upload support with Apache POI. Supported batch processing of millions of vehicles with customized rules for the user.


Java Web and Oracle Database Developer Jan 2007 - Jan 2009

Focused on the e-commerce features of the website, which enabled users to purchase reports for a vehicle. Lead PCI security initiative for credit card transactions on the website. Used PL/SQL on Oracle 11G to support batch processing jobs, and record website usage information.


Missouri University of Science and Technology

Aug 2002 - Dec 2006
Bachelor of Science - Computer Science