"Aut inveniam viam aut faciam" - I shall either find a way or make one.

Work Experience

Work Experience

  • Back-end Developernewmedia Denver

    Nov, 2016 - Jan, 20172 months

    • Custom development for high profile clients with limited timelines

    • Utilizing Docker, Jenkins, and Behat for automation and consistency

    • Evangelized and performed thorough code reviews

    • Documented and contributed to internal processes and tools

    • Onboarding of developers to processes and tools

    • Contribution to internal, sponsored, and community projects

  • Senior Developer and System AdministratorDrupal Connect

    Jun, 2015 - Jun, 20161 year

    • Development lead for ~20 clients as main point of contact

    • Achieving automation utilizing Jenkins, DevShop, and TravisCI

    • Writing suites of custom Behat features for clients such as csusb.edu

    • Custom module development and maintenance

    • Habitual contribution to Drupal.org modules / Github projects

    • Code reviews and company repository maintenance

    • Development and deployment best practices documentation

    • Git-Flow, Docker, features, hook_update_n() evangelization

    • Streamlining core and module update audits with custom solution

    • Providing site performance and security audits

  • Open Source DeveloperAten Design Group

    Jan, 2015 - Jun, 20156 months

    • Developed custom Docker solution for quick environment orchestration and faster development

    • Project management, bug filing/maintaining, maintaining client wellbeing via calls and meetings

    • Developed new front / back-end modules as well as debugged existing modules

    • Contributed module patches to Drupal.org and GitHub projects

    • Wrote automated tests using Drupal’s SimpleTest and Behat

    • Orchestrated Linode servers and deployed sites using Puppet Master/Agent architecture

  • Drupal Developer601am

    Jun, 2014 - Jan, 20157 months

    • Lead development and provided on-call maintenance for Spireon.com and ~9 active subsidiary sites

    • Built custom Vagrant development environment for development/production parity

    • Planned large site re-design and consolidation of architecture

    • Wrote migration script to consolidate three subsidiary sites into Spireon.com

    • Wrote script to regression test field values of content migration

    • On boarded two new developers and technical manager

    • Performed weekly best practice and security analyses

  • Drupal DeveloperWaveCloud Publishing

    Oct, 2013 - Jun, 20149 months

    • Lead discussions on information architecture and development of BookFuel.com

    • Developed custom backend modules to fulfill investor requirements

    • Contributed Drupal module patches to Drupal.org

    • On boarded two developers

    • Increased performance of application 500% by implementing entity and auth caching

  • Drupal DeveloperElevated Third

    Dec, 2012 - Oct, 201310 months

    • Maintained ~20 existing websites and ~6 servers using continuous integration best practices

    • Contributed to project planning and information architecture

    • Lead MongoDB Developer on large project with millions of pieces of data

    • Contributed to Drupal 7 core and contrib modules

    • Provided support in IRC for MongoDB and Drupal

    • Provided assistance to fellow developers whenever possible

    • Performance analysis and optimization using profiling tools such as xhprof and New Relic

    • Wrote automated tests in Selenium and PHPUnit to improve continuous integration

    • Performed triage for critical clients such as Sprint Captel’s ASP.NET application

  • Web DeveloperCleverlike Corporation

    Jun, 2012 - Dec, 20126 months

    • Managed code from development to production with source/version control

    • Optimized server and database operations with Nginx and Varnish

    • Developed custom PHP audio, video, and image manipulation software leveraging FFMpeg, SOX, ImageMagick, and GD

    • Developed custom PHP solutions leveraging ModX and Drupal

    • Designed custom database solutions in MySQL workbench

    • Lead development on 5 projects

  • Web DeveloperMarket Treasury Multimedia

    May, 2011 - Jun, 20121 year 2 months

    • Developed scalable websites from concept to production

    • Administered/optimized servers and database operations

    • Wrote technical documentations detailing administration of in-house and client applications

    • Created pixel-precise W3C XHTML valid templates from PSD mockups

    • Developed custom Joomla MVC components

    • Lead development on 7 projects

  • Freelance PHP DeveloperFull Motion Studio

    Oct, 2011 - Jan, 20123 months

    • Developed custom PHP back-end and front-end components in the Joomla MVC framework

    • Developed custom payment gateway integration using PHP and Authorize.net

    • Developed custom Joomla template

    • Developed a backend component that manages subscription plans, user subscriptions, email notifications, and payment gateway configuration for SocialJane.com

  • Freelance Web DeveloperLee Eye Institute

    May, 2011 - Jun, 20112 months

    • Developed SpringsEyes.com from provided PhotoShop designs using Joomla.



  • Backend Web Development
    Drupal 6/7/8PHPMySQLSolrInternationalizationCommerce
  • Development Workflow
    Git-FlowVagrantDockerPull Requests
  • Server Administration
  • Frontend Web Development


  • Computer Science, Bachelor of Innovation, University of Colorado at Colorado Springs

    Jan, 2008 - May, 2011

    CS 1450 - Data Structures and Algorithms in C#CS 2080 - Programming in UNIXCS 2060 - Programming with CCS 2160 - Computer Organization and Assembly LanguageCS 3020 - Object-Oriented Programming in C#
  • Computer Science, Bachelor, University of Colorado at Denver

    Sep, 2009 - Aug, 2010

    CS 3050 - Social and Ethical Implications of Computing
  • General Studies, Associates, Pikes Peak Community College

    Sep, 2007 - Dec, 2007



  • World's Best Employee Trophy Market Treasury

    Awarded on: Mar 01, 2012

Volunteer Work

Volunteer Work

  • Chair of Board of Directors, Colorado Public Interest Research Group

    Oct, 2009 - May, 2010

    • Presided over meetings and motivated students to take leadership roles in local grassroots campaigns.

  • Campaign Organizer, Colorado Public Interest Research Group

    Aug, 2009 - Dec, 2009

    • Lead the Colorado grassroots campaign to increase awareness on the issue of energy cost-savings through conservation and increased campus energy efficiency. Lead multiple outreach projects to increase awareness of alternative energy sources in Colorado.



  • Development Workflow , DrupalCamp Colorado

    Published on: Aug 13, 2016

    DrupalCamp Colorado Presentation: This is a concept of an ideal workflow built on the shoulders of giants. It leverages a handful of community projects as well as their respective philosophies. Projects include Aquifer, Terra CLI and DevShop, but others could prove useful as well. I started this documentation to organize my own thoughts. The instantiation of these thoughts is still in the works.



  • Cooking

  • Live Music

  • Craft Beer

  • Outdoors



  • Andrea Jones

    It is my pleasure to recommend Tommy Cox for companies looking for innovative self-starters. Tommy proved himself to be a great asset to our organization. One of his defining characteristics as an employee is his drive to produce innovative work without being asked. Tommy shares ideas and consistently looks for ways he can contribute beyond his job duties. He is dependable, smart and his work was always completed in a timely manner. His positive attitude and sense of humor are a lively addition to a creative office atmosphere.