AZ 85257, Scottsdale (US), Arizona


Bryon is a passionate, forward thinking software engineer with a keen eye for user experience, service observability, and lots of modern technology using traditional software engineering processes.


PayPal: Command Center Refresh

January 2020 - Present
MTS1, Senior Software Engineer

Designed, produced new live issue triaging platform to provide monitoring, observability, and alerting into the health of PayPal's many thousands of microservices and supporting infrastructures to our various customers. The primary customer, the PayPal Command Center, is responsible for transaction volumes up to trillions and is the front-line protection to customer impacting issues.

  • Signal FX
  • Splunk
  • Customer Interviews
  • User Experience
  • Site Architecture
  • Javascript
  • Node JS

PayPal: Merchant Monitoring

July 2014 - January 2020
MTS1, Front-end Architect

Designed, produced, architected, and led the Front-end development team responsible for monitoring and alerting. Provides real time minute-level observability into how PayPal availability is effecting Merchants, the largest driver of PayPal Total Payment Volume. Provided reliable triaging platform, design oversight, mentorship of new team members, and strong data visualization.

  • User Experience
  • Front-end Architecture
  • Javascript
  • Node JS
  • Angular
  • Highcharts
  • ElasticSearch
  • Kafka
  • Unix
  • Distributed Systems
  • OpenStack
  • Google Cloud Platform

SquadPod (BizAnytime)

June 2014 - March 2013
Web Developer

Maintained a legacy product while planning and architecting a new product in the digital, remote-workforce collaboration space. Responsibilities included creating specifications for a new product, creating architecture requirements specific to the business requirements of the product. Planning the front-end and back-end application user and data flows, data storage, and design. Responsibilities also included setting up, and maintaining multiple development environments for development, QA, and testing. Our design called for a Laravel-PHP based backend, which implemented a REST protocol, allowing the front-end to communicate using JSON with our Angular.JS based front-end application. Using Angular.JS, we separated a majority of our application logic to the front-end, making the web application appear responsive to the user, and assisting in maintaining cross-device compatibility. Responsibilities also included implementing a responsive design, maintaining application usability across a variety of devices.

  • User Experience
  • Front-end Architecture
  • Back-end Architecture
  • Javascript
  • Angular
  • REST
  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Unix

Brink (BrinkMedia)

March 2013 - October 2006
Senior Engineer

Technical lead for a small team of developers making and producing detailed, media oriented websites and applications.

  • User Experience
  • Front-end Architecture
  • Back-end Architecture
  • Javascript
  • Unix


Pima Community College

2007 - 2013
Computer Programmer/Analyst
GPA: 3.0


1 September 2012
CIW Site Development Associate

Credential ID 304324

1 September 2010
First place

"Cash is best" Photo

1 September 2010
Webby Award Honoree
The Webby Awards

Webby Award Honoree, Tourism (BrinkMedia, Senior Engineer)

1 January 2007
Eagle Scout
Boy Scouts of America
1 September 2007
2nd Place Place E-Business
Future Business Leaders of America


  • Node JS
  • Typescript
  • Angular
  • React
Distributed Systems
  • Google Cloud Platform
  • AWS
  • Unix
  • Windows
  • Monitoring
  • Tracing
  • Hardware
  • Infrastructure
  • Resources
  • Saturation
  • Training
  • Mentoring
  • Task Management
  • Agile
  • Waterfall


Native speaker


  • Abstract
  • Aerial
  • Landscape
  • Commercial
  • Portrait