Experienced Cloud Engineer well-versed in designing and delivering a wide range of infrastructure solutions.

Strategic and tactical planner with a decisive approach and analytical problem-solving skills. I bring a passion for automation and documentation.

Highly skilled in deploying, maintaining, and troubleshooting of applications hosted on cloud platforms.

My full legal name is a mononym.


Cloud Computing

  • AWS
  • VMware
  • DevOps
  • distributed systems
  • microservice
  • IaaS
  • PaaS
  • SaaS

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • AWS Command Line Interface (CLI)
  • EC2
  • VPC
  • Auto-scaling groups
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • EFS
  • Route53
  • S3
  • SES
  • SNS
  • awscli
  • ELB

Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • IAM
  • Lambda
  • CodeCommit
  • System Manager
  • RDS
  • EBS
  • EBS snapshots
  • CloudTrail
  • CloudWatch
  • CloudFormation

Technical Documentation

  • wiki
  • Markdown
  • GitHub-Flavoured Markdown
  • gitbook
  • pandoc
  • Word
  • Visio
  • notepad
  • vim

Software Development

  • GitHub
  • git
  • CodeCommit
  • vscode
  • SDLC
  • software development lifecycle
  • software engineering


  • Jenkins
  • TravisCI
  • Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery
  • pipeline
  • automation
  • integration tests

Solution Architecture

  • IT Strategy
  • ITIL
  • Data Center technologies
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Service Delivery
  • Integration
  • System Automation
  • System Deployment
  • Server Architecture


  • SSD
  • Network File Systems
  • Storage Area Networks
  • SAN
  • DAS
  • NAS
  • direct attached storage
  • network attached storage
  • storage virtualisation
  • NFS


  • vSphere
  • vCenter
  • vCloud
  • Site Recovery Manager
  • vRealize
  • Horizon
  • Horizon View
  • ThinApp
  • virtualization
  • virtualisation

Vendor Management

  • Cisco
  • Dell
  • EMC
  • Veeam
  • IBM
  • HDS
  • VMware

Operating Systems

  • Linux
  • Debian
  • Ubuntu
  • Redhat
  • CentOS
  • Windows Server
  • Windows 10
  • Windows 7
  • FreeBSD
  • Windows

System Administration

  • Microsoft Exchange
  • Active Directory
  • LDAP
  • nginx
  • PHP
  • openssh
  • OpenPGP
  • syslog
  • systemd
  • nodejs


  • Administration
  • Engineering
  • Design
  • Switches
  • Routers
  • Firewalls
  • VPN
  • Security
  • Load balancers

Internetworking Protocols

  • OSI layers
  • HTTP
  • DNS
  • SMTP
  • SSH
  • TCP
  • IP
  • BGP
  • 802.3


  • bash
  • PowerShell
  • Python
  • Jinja
  • awscli
  • Perl
  • Infrastructure as Code
  • batch

What I'm learning

  • Kubernetes
  • (advanced) Python
  • Terraform

Work Experience (13)

Senior Infrastructure Engineer
October 2018 - December 2019

Engag3d is a cloud-based startup providing an AI marketing platform that automates communication management and analysis.

Supporting AWS infrastructure across multiple regions, as a Cloud Systems Administrator utilising DevOps engineering principles.

This position was remote, as a multi-functional member of the global team.

  • Installed, configured, tested and maintained operating systems, application software and system management tools.

  • Performed administration and routine maintenance of cloud hosted solutions.

  • Created monitoring and alerting of production and non-production environments using CloudWatch and other healthcheck services

  • Implemented DevOps strategy for Linux servers inline with Amazon Web Services cloud strategies and reference architectures.

  • Developed CloudFormation and System Manager Automation Documents for delivering Infrastructure-as-Code automation.

  • Created AMIs of Amazon Linux and Ubuntu instances

  • Created Elastic Load Balancers with Auto Scaling Groups

  • Created S3 buckets for storage, with differing redundancy profiles and also static web applications.

  • Experienced in creating multiple VPCs and public/private subnets with security groups in multiple availability zones.

  • Access resources via VPNs; NAT gateways; bastion hosts; EC2 Connect and Systems Manager.

  • Developed Event-driven and scheduled AWS Lambda functions to trigger various AWS resources.

  • Practical exposure with Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery tools like CodePipeline; Jenkins and TravisCI.

Infrastructure Architect
Tech Project
September 2015 - February 2016

Managed Services Provider (MSP)

  • Generated operational and architectural documentation for multiple platforms and software.

  • Developed network and system architecture according to business needs.

  • Engineered architecture and infrastructure for client multi-user systems.

  • Improved business productivity for clients by 15% by re-engineering and designing infrastructures.

  • Performed monitoring of client environments (production and non-production)

  • Provided Tier 2 and Tier 3 technical support and troubleshooting to internal and external clients.

  • Standardised job tasks and trained junior team members on industry best practices and standards.

  • Developed automation to monitor and orchestrate client deployments

  • Liaising with an external providers on support cases to ensure timely resolution

  • Wrote automation scripts for scheduled backups and restorations (including reviews of back up logs) increasing staff efficiency.

  • Established a feedback process for staff to contribute and enhance automation scripts

VMware Engineer
May 2014 - June 2014

Contracted to a vSphere implementation project for a Dimension Data customer.

  • Improved service delivery to internal stakeholders

  • VMware vSphere deployment automation.

  • Datacentre hardware bootstrapping

End User Computing specialist
Department of Transport and Main Roads
August 2013 - December 2013

Production pilot of VDI environment

  • Deploy a VMware Horizon View platform to support upto 500 concurrent users.

  • Create application virtualisation/streaming environment using VMware ThinApp.

  • VMware View detailed design including Visio diagrams for component architectures and networking integration

  • Authour End User Computing Strategy document

  • Deploy VDI production pilot environment with agentless AV

  • Deploy VMware Horizon Suite infrastructure proof-of-concept.

Managing Director
Endless Consulting
September 1998 - December 2013

Solution Architecture consulting

  • Developed and implemented complex Internet and Intranet applications on multiple platforms.

  • Developed network and system architecture according to business needs.

  • Defined enterprise processes and best practices and tailored enterprise processes for applications.

  • Organised system infrastructure documentation and operating procedures; strengthening controls and enhancing overall performance.

  • Visited customer locations to evaluate requirements; demonstrate offerings and propose strategic solutions for diverse needs.

  • Identified prospect needs and developed appropriate responses along with information on suitable products and services.

Virtualisation Consultant
June 2012 - August 2012

Corpnet was a Managed Service Provider (MSP). Acquired by Thomas Dureya.

  • Architecture documentation for Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) public cloud platform.

  • Detailed design for a cloud platform based on a VMware vCloud Director.

  • Implement vCloud solution including infrastructure management - instrumentation for Service Level Agreement (SLA) metrics, monitoring, backups, workflow automation.

  • Deliver application disaster recovery between datacentres with VMware Site Recovery Manager.

Infrastructure Architect
November 2007 - December 2011

CITEC provides technology infrastructure, business solutions and support to state government departments.

  • Planned; designed and delivered diverse IT solutions.

  • Managed installation; upgrade and deployment projects.

  • Wrote detailed architectural design plans; security requirements and specifications.

  • Recommended architectural improvements; design solutions and integration solutions.

  • Built and maintained network infrastructure consisting of Windows; Linux and virtual products.

  • Worked closely with customers; internal staff and other stakeholders to determine planning; implementation and integration of system-oriented projects.

  • Designed and implemented new server standards for core business services.

  • Developed and implemented complex Internet and Intranet applications on multiple platforms.

  • Proposed technical feasibility solutions for new infrastructure designs and suggested options for performance improvement of technical components.

  • Decision influencer on whole-of-Government ICT tenders.

Technical Architect
Department of Housing and Public Works (Queensland)
March 2007 - September 2007

Queensland Government’s Service Delivery and Performance Commission recommended developing an optimal strategy for consolidating and managing infrastructure, networks and data centres.

  • Conduct research and environmental scans to inform the development of the ICT infrastructure future state architecture in a consolidated environment.

  • Define the high level ICT infrastructure future state architecture in a consolidated environment.

  • Establish and implement consultation processes with internal and external stakeholders to identify the ICT infrastructure current state architecture in a consolidated environment.

  • Develop strategies to transition agencies to the ICT infrastructure future state architecture in the first consolidation phase.

  • Identify costs and benefits associated with transitioning agencies to the ICT infrastructure future state architecture in a phased consolidation.

  • Influence agency ICT infrastructure convergence to support consolidation efforts

  • Analysed and reported on government wide survey data regarding ICT infrastructure

  • Developed future state technical architecture for whole-of-government ICT infrastructure

System Architect
October 2005 - March 2007

WebCentral was Australia’s largest web and application hosting provider, now part of the ARQ group.

This role was called Product Technology Specialist internally.

  • Deep and wide knowledge of the technologies used by the business

  • Champion innovation within the company and with partners.

  • Vendor account management

  • Conducted research to evaluate technologies for potential improvement of systems design and process efficiency.

  • Worked with customers or prospective customers to develop integrated solutions and lead detailed architectural dialogues to facilitate the delivery of comprehensive solutions.

  • Guided and influenced existing partners on recommended upgrades and enhancements to integrated solutions.

  • Promote and drive all aspects of virtualisation technology (network; server and storage)

  • Supervised deployments and provided troubleshooting and user support.

  • Offered pricing and feature recommendations to management and cross-functional teams.

  • Offered data-driven recommendations aligned with customer satisfaction and prioritised process improvement initiatives.

  • Collaborated with team to define business requirements for organizational processes; achieve productivity standards and adhere to accuracy standards.

  • Improved server procurement processes and automated provisioning systems

Network Architect
June 2003 - October 2005

WebCentral was Australia’s largest web and application hosting provider, now part of the ARQ group.

  • Architected and built network infrastructure improvements.

  • Established deployment best practices and proper security protocols in network management.

  • Optimised existing network systems and procedures resulting in 60% reduction in provisioning time.

  • Wrote networking policies and technical standards for operations.

  • Championed writing technical documentation

  • Achieved 25% reduction in network hardware budget after analysing vendor purchasing and support contracts.

  • Spearheaded troubleshooting complex technical issues to ensure rapid problem resolution.

Senior Network Engineer
December 2001 - June 2003

WebCentral was Australia’s largest web and application hosting provider, now part of the ARQ group.

  • Provided complete end-to-end engineering and installation of route-based IP network solutions.

  • Acquired and maintained advanced knowledge of networking protocols including VLANs and BGP traffic engineering.

  • Demonstrated success in design and implementation of firewalls; IDS/IPS; SEIM; access control and load-balancing.

  • Designed and implemented network monitoring systems.

  • Conducted security assessments and made recommendations for disaster recovery; remote access; network appliances; servers and directory services.

  • Diagnosed complex network problems involving a combination of hardware; software; and communications issues.

  • Survived IOS Roulette.

Technical Services Manager
Global Info-Links
January 1999 - November 2001

Global Info-Links was an Internet Service Provider focussed on the Ipswich community.

  • Manage system administration and software development teams.

  • Identify and prioritise risks in operations and develop contingency measures.

  • Vendor liaison.

  • Procurement.

  • Hands-on system administration.

Senior Systems Administrator
Ipswich City Council
June 1998 - January 1999

Global Info-links project

  • Management of ISP infrastructure

  • Deployment of digital modems providing 56K dialup

  • Maintain corporate infrastructure

Projects (3)

AWS Infrastructure DevOps - Automated application deployment
November 2018 - November 2019
  • Elastic Loadbalancing
  • elb
  • Route53
  • SES
  • SNS
  • Lambda
  • DynamoDb
  • SSM Parameter Store
  • CodeCommit
  • Jenkins
  • EC2
  • AWS
  • AutoScaling Group
  • nginx
  • systemd
  • PHP
  • ElastiCache
  • redis
  • EFS
  • RDS
  • EC2 System Manager
  • Ubuntu
  • AMI
  • git
  • jq
  • lastversion
  • Amazon Web Services
  • function specifications documented inline with code

  • Linux system automation

  • bash

  • python

  • awscli

VDI Pilot and Application Delivery
September 2013 - December 2013
  • VMware
  • Horizon View
  • VDI
  • ThinApp
  • application virtualisation

  • agentless AV

  • storage friendly linked clones

  • thin clients

vCloud Deployments
January 2010 - June 2013

Sample diagrams from my vCloud architecture kit


Non-Executive Director
VMware User Group (VMUG)
July 2010 - December 2012

The global, independent VMUG organization launched in 2010.

The Board of Directors was primarily comprised of volunteers from VMUG communities around the world.

  • Inaugural member of the Board of Directors.

Brisbane Community Leader
VMware User Group (VMUG)
September 2006 - December 2013

Brisbane VMUG community.

  • We started meetings in September 2006.

  • Brisbane was the first VMUG chapter in the Asia Pacific region.

Education (1)

Bachelors of Information Technology
Information Systems
Queensland University of Technology
1992 - 1993
Grade: incomplete


VMware vExpert 2012

The annual VMware vExpert title is given to individuals who have significantly contributed to the community of VMware users over the past year. The title is awarded to individuals (not employers) for their commitment to sharing their knowledge and passion for VMware technology above and beyond their job requirements.

The Evangelist Path includes book authors, bloggers, tool builders, public speakers, and other IT professionals who share their knowledge and passion with others with the leverage of a personal public platform to reach many people.

VMware vExpert 2011

The annual VMware vExpert title

VMware vExpert 2010

The annual VMware vExpert title

VMware vExpert 2009

The annual VMware vExpert title


VMware Certified Professional 5 - Data Center Virtualization (VCP5-DCV) in VMware
1 December 2011

Credential ID: 28757.

VMware Certified Professional 4 - Data Center Virtualization (VCP4-DCV) in VMware
1 July 2009

Credential ID: 28757.

VMware Certified Professional 3 (VCP3) in VMware
1 August 2008

Credential ID: 28757.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Red Hat Linux 8.0 in Red Hat
1 January 2003

Credential ID: 110-641-552.

Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) Red Hat Linux 6.2 in Red Hat
1 June 2000

Credential ID: 110-641-552.

MCSE 4.0 in Microsoft
1 February 1998

Credential ID: 438073.

Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) in Cisco
1 April 2002

Credential ID: TBA.

Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) in Cisco
1 March 2001

Credential ID: TBA.



Native Speaker


Open Source

  • awscli
  • vscode
  • Mautic


  • Smart Home automation
  • gadgets
  • cloud-scale technology


  • science fiction
  • political thrillers
  • design theory


“ Virgil is a very talented and smart Engineer who loves a challenge. Virgil is never afraid of looking at something from a new perspective or challenging existing methods or design decisions ”
Glenn Gore (Lead Architect, AWS Solutions Architecture)
“ Virgil has demonstrated continued excellence in his innovative and practical implementation of technology. His capability in infrastructure and supporting systems is well ahead of the pack and he continually delivers results based on this asset. I have enjoyed working with Virgil and find him extremely personable and willing to participate and improve himself. He would be a credit to any organisation with the insight to recognise his unique value. ”
Brian Kealey (Passionate Tech Executive, General Manager and Board Director. Transformational leader. Cloud, Digital and Innovation first.)
“ A very smart and driven employee. Highly recommended. Always keeps up with latest technologies, deployment methods, etc. Always worked to achieve highest reliability. ”
Brent Paddon (Director, Over The Wire Holdings Limited)
“ Virgil is an excellent ICT Technical Architect and is able to cover a broad spectrum of ICT Infrastructure topic areas, particularly in x86 Virtualisation, SAN Storage and Networking. Virgil has keen insights in what does and does not work with in an ICT solution and has excellent communication skills in dealing with all levels of management. ”
Gary Whitelaw (Executive Director, Digital Technologies (Chief Information Officer))
“ Virgil's encyclopaedic knowledge of network equipment is an incredibly useful resource. He always seems to have time to help and it was a genuine pleasure working with him. ”
Bernard Gardner (Systems Architect with a focus on Internet solutions)
“ Virgil continues to impress me with his zeal in getting the job done, and the speed at which he gained a detailed understanding of our complex environment from both an operational and technical perspective. A little unnerving at times with his ability to remember obscure VMware CLI, and passion for appropriate apostrophus. ”
Steve Ryles (Global Solutions Architect at NetApp)
“ Virgil has a wealth of knowledge and expertise that he willingly shares. He has great ability to see both the detail and the big picture which is rare. This is valuable in every environment. ”
Rob Champion (A/Qld Government Chief Information Security Officer & A/Qld Government Chief Information Technology Officer)
“ Virgil is a details person with both wide and deep knowledge base. ”
Mark Oberman (Specialist - Global Partner Development at Telstra)
“ Virgil is a seasoned IT Professional who possesses breadth of knowledge and experience across many technologies enabling him to design complex solutions, and his willingness to share this fosters a knowledge sharing environment. The combination of these enable him to make objective, reliable and trustworthy decisions. ”
Ben Fletcher (Solution Area Lead - Queensland and NT Public Sector for Modern Workplace (Office 365, Security, Mobility and Windows))
“ I have known Virgil for several years, and have found him to be a very knowledgeable in the field of Virtualisation with an excellent skill set. Virgil contributed to the design and organisation of the VMUG User summits in Australia. This involved venue negotiations, international speakers, sponsors, and was able to help draw a crowd of 300 peers. His skills and abilities are matched by his friendly and helpful personality. Virgil has a broad range of skills in many different areas of virtualisation. He is a very confident public speaker. He works well on his own or in a team environment and freely passes on his knowledge when the opportunity arises. He has a great ability to see both the detail and the big picture which is rare. Virgil is a pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend him. ”
Aaron Whittaker (Helping organizations digitally transform, innovate, turning insights into outcomes in order to achieve more.)
“ Virgil has excellent skills in a wide range of disciplines, and is always willing to share his knoweledge. ”
Rob Flux (Property Developer, Educator & Mentor)