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Professional Skills Summary

Back end (Senior): C# (Including v8), .Net (v2.0 to Core 3.0), TSQL, XML & JSON, C++

Front end (Dabbler): HTML / CSS, Javascript / Typescript, Angular

People skills (Good): Sr Dev Mgr, Leadership, Mentoring, Agile, Requirements Gathering + Analysis

Work Experience

2022-04-01 to 2022-11-11

Senior Contract Developer at OpenText

Worked on Pegasus project for License Entitlement management – migration from VB/C++ to C#/C++/ServiceNow implementation

Modified C# and C++ code to get data from ServiceNow web methods

Made C# code more modular, reducing duplication and simplifying testability

Created unit tests to validate implementation

Helped with JavaScript methods in ServiceNow

2020-09-01 to 2022-03-30

Senior Contract Developer at Sciex

Worked on Data Services and other teams to investigate and resolve a variety of different issues for the mass spectrometer codebase

Worked on the Data Services team looking at various issues

Involved in Echo project that does acoustic ejection into MS device

Worked with team that dealt with investigating customer field issues after support tiers

Spent time with many parts of the system investigating and resolving issues

Fixed some issues with custom FIT tester

2018-06-01 to 2019-12-31

Senior Contract Developer at TransUnion Canada

Worked on new 'Enterprise Scoring Framework'

Created C++ module to parse text files and populate structure for credit report requests

Created a C# utility to read different data files (Excel, text, Regex, test-data) and create JSON structure to be used in self-testing

Created in Java a utility that read data files and created test java files to be run in Maven, to ensure the the Java code still works with the new framework

Updated ASP scripts to protect against attacks

Helped incorporate projects into Mecurial for Continuous Integration

2013-07-01 to 2018-03-30

Application Architect at Santander Consumer USA

Worked on Decision Rendering Engine

Co-developed a loan decisioning system that is much faster, more versatile, and smaller footprint than the current system

Defined and enforced standards for the application developers in the organization

Reviewed designs of application developers to see they met our standards, and evaluate how different components interact and can be leveraged

Reviewed code of application developers to ensure standards were met

Assisted in special projects where needed

Helped troubleshoot when issues arise

2010-02-01 to 2013-01-31

Contract Developer at Manta Test Systems

Worked on WinForm client for transmission line testing

Identified weak parts of the existing RapidReporter product and cleaned up the code, which resulted in major performance improvements.

Redesigned a report designer for custom reports, which improved stability and performance.

Replaced a faulty third-party FTP library with built-in .Net functionality, resulting in more reliability with a smaller install footprint.

Created a mechanism for entering user data that allowed custom data to be imported, exported and reported on.

Created database layer to reduce code duplication and allow cleaner, faster queries with less security risks.

Added new functionalities such as find and replace.

Created new business objects to allow for better code reuse.

Modified application and install scripts to allow for x64 builds.

Prototyped the next generation RapidTest product; helped define terms and functionality.

2009-02-01 to 2010-01-31

Contract Developer at Christie Digital

Worked on cinema projector

Joined the Entertainment Solutions team to develop a user-friendly UI for their digital projectors. Utilized their multi-threaded event and real-time messaging system.

Adapted to their agile-like methodology and met my goals as planned.

Created functionality for gathering sensor data from the projector hardware and presented that to the projector operator.

Created an on-screen keyboard to meet the unique requirements of the project.

Ensured that the code met certain standards, which allowed the product to be internationalized.

Designed and implemented a utility that imported and exported the UI text between the .resx (UI XML) files and a spreadsheet so third-party translators could translate the text.

Worked with QA and the documentation department to ensure their software standards were met

Abstracted our UI controls so we could use a third-party library as well as resolve issues in the library, which allowed for a consistent look and feel across our product.

2007-10-01 to 2008-08-31

Contract Developer at Opalis (later acquired by Microsoft)

Worked on integration modules

Reworked their old modules in order to use their new SDK in .Net, analyzed requirements based on discussions with product manager, and reviewed bug and wish list logs

Fixed and improved other modules as required (C++ and C#)

Resolved issues on their CA Service Desk Integration with ITIL methodology.

2007-07-01 to 2007-10-31

Contract Analyst/Developer at B. Keeven Music

Worked on app to teach music theory

Analyzed what the teacher was trying to teach his students so the software could facilitate the learning.

Built a multi-tier C# 2.0 application, which included a pitch recognition module, and staff and note music control.

Created a generic question engine that asked questions and kept score. The quiz data was kept in a schema that was stored in encrypted XML.

Update/bug-fix Borland C++ product 'EarAbility' (teaching music Intervals with pitch recognition with piano control) at end of SDLC

2007-02-01 to 2007-04-30

Contract Developer at Z-Tech Inc

Front-end WinForm design

Created the front-end UI that interacted with specialized USB hardware.

Built a highly customized Windows application with lots of custom GDI drawing; building, and consuming User Controls.

Designed and created functionality for a user list, program options, and field customization settings. The settings were stored in XML files.

2005-04-01 to 2007-02-31

Contract Analyst/Developer at ABELSoft

Solved issues on several projects

Designed and executed several competitive data conversions and data analysis projects.

Reviewed and proposing new strategies for data competitive conversions

Enhanced the scheduler for bigger capacity; cleaned up logic and data layers.

Resolved issues with a VB project to export financials to QuickBooks and Simply Accounting.

2005-03-01 to 2005-03-30

Contract Developer at T4G

Helped with online catalogue

Did C# work for running Stored Procedures to load and save data for N online catalogue web-site

2005-01-01 to 2005-02-01

(contract) Business Analyst at Knowledge4You

Built a RFP Response template to be used by Knowledge4You. Included sections on Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing, Project Methodology and the SDLC.

Sub-contracted out to the Ontario Government: Office of the Public Guardian and Trustee where I evaluated current needs based on the old system and user discussions.

Created UML documents to capture requirements.

Kept track of features and requirements in Rational Requisite Pro and Word docs.

2004-07-01 to 2004-12-31

Contract Developer at Ivara (later acquired by Bentley Systems)

Defined solutions to migrate data between systems, and implemented interfaces in C#, VB and C++.

Created a client web-service, which communicated indicator readings with a MIMOSA server via an ODC request.

On my own time, took the initiative to create a code-generator (in C#) that allowed new hires to understand the object hierarchy in the database and to learn how to query joins and iterate those objects.

2 months at a customer site in the L.A. area. Projects involve working with the customer to define solutions to migrate data between systems and to implement interfaces in C#, VB and C++

2000-09-01 to 2003-07-31

Senior Software Development Manager at Siebel Systems (later acquired by Oracle)

Senior Dev Manager of large team

Development Manager – Server Systems (Janna) September 2000 –2001: Manager of Application Server team (5) focusing on performance and scalability, Remote Server team (4) involved in projects for remote synchronization, and Conduit Synch Team (2) dealing with Outlook and handheld synchronization

Software Development Manager – Institutional Finance 2001 –2002: Manager (9) dealing with Siebel 7.0 release (Deal Management, Events Management, Coverage Management, Institutional Sales Expanded existing framework to incorporate Janna JavaScript features such as Calendar and Persistent Filters

Senior Software Development Manager – Hospitality Industry 2002 – July 2003: Team (15+5) created new application for Hospitality Function Booking Reservation System.

Helped create new application for Hospitality Function Booking Reservation System. Our team received a patent for a function space booking engine.

Lead developers (team of up to 15 people) creating design documents. Made sure they followed design, implementation and testing guidelines. Oversaw version control processes.

Liaised with Product Managers for Requirements documents and QA team for testing documents and requirements.

Did Project Management for my team projects.

Had a major role in triaging incoming issues, working with other teams to learn history, ownership, and priority of issues. Managed resources and deadlines at the end of product testing.

Heavily involved in interviewing new recruits during hiring booms.

Team Motivation: Empowered and motivated my team to deliver high quality software on time in spite of being at a remote site, and understaffed of engineers, product management and technical support staff

Innovation: Part of a team that got a patent for the function space booking engine

Met the challenge of managing a project that encompassed multiple teams, sites and projects. Ensured the team was motivated and that they remained committed to the project

Liaised with Product Managers for Requirements docs. Worked with developers creating design docs. Did Project Management for my team projects. Made sure they followed design, implementation and testing guidelines. Oversaw Version Control processes

Spent major role in triaging incoming issues, working with other teams to learn history, ownership, and priority of issues. Time management of resources and deadlines of issues at end of product testing before release

1987-06-01 to 2000-08-31

Development Manager at ABELSoft

From Summer hire, to Developer, to Lead, to Medical Development Manager

Software Development Manager 1995-September 2000

Software Lead Developer 1990 – 1995

Software Junior Developer June 1987 – 1990

Designed and developed many modules in the application: patient and doctor data, scheduling, billing, and reporting.

Managed team, project scope and release planning.

Created shell-scripts for product generation and installation, version control, and various dev. tasks.

Created HL7 interface from hospital systems

Managed a team of 6+ developers. Reported to the President, was accountable for the team, and gave input for product direction. Liaison to other development team, documenters, QA, trainers

Inspired Loyalty: had a low turnover in the group which resulted in more productivity

Involved in all parts of SDLC

was SourceSafe Administrator

Communicated with customers often, either for customized solutions or for input on upcoming features


1985-09-01 to 1987-05-01

Sheridan College, Brampton ON, CA

Diploma: Computer Science


Burlington Historical Society


Converted very old website into HTML and Javascript

Helped to transition site and now maintain site in WordPress

  • English
  • Native speaker
  • French
  • A bit in high-school


April 19, 2024

Managed team on project for function/hospitality space booking engine


Mercedes, Mclaren

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